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Music Artist, Rastachick 69, is Managing herself Well to Excel in her Music Career




The music industry is evolving at an excellent pace with every passing day and many artists are working hard to establish themselves into it. One such name is Rastachick 69, a 37-year-old rapper who is managing herself pretty well to work on building her music career.

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Rastachick 69 is the mother of the famous rapper, Hustlemantherapper. She developed a strong liking for music when she was a kid and she never refused to walk on the path of music.

The music artist is receiving a lot of popularity in the music world as she is consistently releasing many exciting music projects that one can find on her SoundCloud profile. Rastachick 69 is an example of sheer determination and she inspires everyone with her new musical works.

She is raising the standard of the music industry by introducing worthy music for the listeners. Rastachick 69 posts update about her work on Instagram. Currently, Rastachick 69 has got many future projects ready to release and she is working to release a new song with the artist, Tec from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She recently came with “Medicine” song and one can listen to it by clicking the link below.

Medicine Song

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