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Rising London Artist Modrick Buck Is On His Way To Success By Releasing “Self Made”




In today’s music industry, it’s tough to find the recipe for success. However, those who find an effective formula, like Modrick Buck, are on their way to becoming the next standout talents. Modrick Buck has been on a tear recently, releasing consistent projects with his latest being “Self Made”.

Modrick Buck starts off his hit single with a choppy, energetic flow hitting each beat of the instrumental perfectly. The melody helps blend his vocals as both are melodic and harmonize well together. Modrick Buck comes hard lyrically as well, as he talks about how he worked hard to get the things that he has.

With the constant beat of the drums and his sharp trap vocals, “Self Made” is a song that has the mass appeal and refinement that few new artists can match. Paired with a relatable concept of a hard work ethic to reach the top, Modrick Buck has the potential to be the next artist to blow up out of London.

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