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Moe Rock on new Television Network and how to Lead in Chaotic Times




Here at the California Herald we take special pride in featuring California-based Businesses and Entrepreneurs that are community centric. What this year has proven to the state of California and the world of business more than ever before is that those that look at the market with future-oriented lenses will find themselves adaptable and agile while other enterprises inevitably suffer. This kind of entrepreneur will lead in chaotic times because future-oriented entrepreneurs are focused on moving forward, they are always looking toward the future. These kinds of leaders are very goal-oriented and know exactly what they want. They set their goals and everything they do is aimed at achieving those goals. Today we are interviewing one of these future-oriented leaders who just launched a TV Channel with Amazon Fire TV and will be giving us some much needed leadership principles to use during chaotic times.

California Herald: Thank you Moe Rock for joining us, what can you tell us about the new TV Channel launched in partnership with Amazon Fire?

Moe Rock: My pleasure, the LA Tribune TV channel is available worldwide November 7th on the Fire TV platform which has more than 40 million active users. This is to continue with the transition that we have seen from print content to digital which has gone into hyperspeed this year. We will have live shows, programs and news specials covering a wide array of different subject matters from celebrity entertainment to personal development and so much more.

California Herald: Right now many industries are pivoting and experiencing chaotic times. What is a takeaway you can provide right now for someone looking for an edge in today’s climate?

Moe Rock: Well firstly it is only in chaotic times that the true character of a person is revealed. I have seen people melt under pressure like a snowflake and I have also seen people turn into a diamond. It is the ultimate test of a leader when they find themselves under pressure regardless of a pandemic or a chaotic market. I think this year was a revealing year for many who are aware. Did the leader in your life step up or did they step down? I advise everyone to remember who did what in this past year because it says alot about the true characters of people. As far as having an edge – Right now anyone who can stay active and see with vision through future-orientated lenses is automatically going to have an edge because sadly most of the masses in business have allowed fear to take hold of their decision making process which is a sure-proof way to become a victim of the market.

California Herald: Here in California we have experienced a business exodus with thousands of California Businesses Leaving the state according to the Hoover Institution. As a California based business what can you say about the state of doing business in california and the future of it?

Moe Rock: We are proud to serve the people of Los Angeles, California and the world with the different projects we are involved with. The report you are referring to is troubling and I do believe we need to do everything in our power to ensure businesses remain in California so we can continue to have one of the top GDPs in the world. As a general rule the more you tax the less businesses you attract. So doing a full analysis of the cost/reward factor of various taxes and incentives is certainly something that needs to happen in Sacramento.

California Herald: This year you published a book called “Lead by Example” what is a main takeaway you can leave our readers from the book that is related to the theme of leading in chaotic times?

Moe Rock: It would be the following: Remember, you are the President/CEO of Me, Inc. As president, leadership principles are imperative to your long-term success and achievement. Study them and apply them well. Run your life like a CEO that takes full absolute responsibility for every outcome of every department.

California Herald: What is a show you are most excited about featuring on the new Television Network and what are some final words you can give our audience about where to find more from you and your team?

Moe Rock: Monday Night Live!” Is a show I am very excited about, it is co-hosted by myself and Dr.Natalie Forest we do a deep dive each week with a group of panelists about subject matters that are impacting people’s lives as well as their businesses. I appreciate the opportunity and thank the California Herald for the vote of confidence – People can find me on social media. Thanks again and God bless.

For more tips, insights, and updates from Moe Rock, follow his Instagram.

With experience as a full-time environmentalist and part time journalist, Lisa heads the post of editor at California Herald. She covers all the significant proceedings in the world of Environment while editing all the news pieces posted over the website to ensure everything aligns with the journalistic format.

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