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Mike Verble Talks about the Challenges Faced by Today’s Seniors in Retirement




The retirement landscape is a lot different today than it was forty years ago, but no matter what the era is, one thing is for certain—the most affected are the elderly. No matter how complicated the retirement system has become, people will eventually have to put the gloves down at some point. It is an inevitable truth that we will all have to face one day. For most seniors, that prospect is a scary one because of the innumerable risks they have to face just to get through retirement. With a goal of serving as a key source of expert advice for these seniors, Nashville’s Michael Verble emerged as an authority in the field of retirement and eldercare.

Michael Verble is more than just a household name in Middle Tennessee. He speaks frequently to professional groups, churches, and civic organizations of all sizes throughout the country, sharing his passion and knowledge about seniors. He uses his extensive industry experience and knowledge to fulfill his personal mission of opening opportunities to the elderly and letting them enjoy their golden years. 

Born in Livingston, Tennessee, Verble saw early success in the health care and financial industry. However, after his father lost all of his retirement funds from white-collar criminals, Verble decided to switch his focus to serving the elderly through estate and retirement planning. He vowed to protect the elderly by educating them with up-to-date information and estate preservation strategies. In a span of almost three decades in the industry, Verble has helped thousands of people preserve their assets and assist families in obtaining VA benefits for home care and assisted living. 

Verble is a frequent lecturer for attorneys who want to learn more about estate preservation and other issues faced by today’s seniors. He has been an instructor for several Continuing Legal Education (CLE) certification programs for the benefit of Tennessee attorneys. On top of that, Verble regularly contributes as an author for local publications where he sheds light on some of the worries that senior citizens are facing and guides them to live fulfilling retirement years.

The dedication of Michael Verble to educating and assisting the elderly to live a quality life has earned him the nod of other financial professionals. He is a well-known veteran, always looking to find a customized solution for every senior citizen looking to achieve financial independence and estate preservation. 

If you want to check out Verble, you can check his website and Facebook.

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