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Miguel V. Solano: The talented mind behind changing the life of artists and individuals with his expertise as a digital and social media marketer




Solano has over 10 years of rich experience in being the force behind the online growth of his clients.

The world of digital marketing is growing at the most exponential rate ever; hence it has become important for more and more marketers to get knee-deep into this vast ocean of digital and social media marketing for various individuals from varied industries that could help result in more growth of their careers and businesses. Today’s story is about one such entrepreneur who knew how to leverage various online mediums to draw growth patterns for his clients. He is none other than Los Angeles based Miguel V. Solano originated from a small town in Virginia of Peruvian descent. He is the man who has been the driving force behind the success of many artists and other professionals of the world.

Miguel V. Solano : Best Viral Marketing Person

Solano today serves as one of the most leading digital marketers who has with his talents, knowledge and skills changed the landscape of the online marketing world by using the industry best and profitable social media marketing strategies. His journey has been full of learnings, building stronger relations with clients and others and maintaining those relations with them over the years to keep creating more contacts and expanding his business as a pro digital marketer.

He is Co Founder of company called “FyreHouse” with Renzo Giovanni, Gino Valdettaro and Lizzy V which is today a renowned music label from Los Angeles, CA, working in the direction of helping record labels, individuals, brands to increase their online presence. He is the proud CEO of the company and has been an industry veteran having over 10 years of experience. His expertise has so far also sold over 10 million records.

His journey started 12 years ago in a basement when he wanted to become a rapper, but he couldn’t make much money. Then, he turned towards being a promoter, where he started earning some extra income. Through his promotion work, he came across some artists and became a manager. This is where Solanos actual journey began to take place. He met an artist who asked him to become his manager, so Solano went to LA to book shows for the artist and took up the offer to manage him.

His FireHouse also discovered Recording artist John Gabbana Formerly known as Boonk Gang who amassed over 6M followers & became famous via social media.

A few years later, Beyoncé danced on one of the songs of Solanos artist on a particular show, as soon as Solano realized this, he started working to capitalize this and met a guy who helped him to create an entire story of how Beyoncé danced on the song of Solanos artist V.I.C (Wobble). Soon, the song garnered 9 million views.

Solano has also been an app developer who launched his first app named Damn Daniel”, which was a tech game, and within 3 days of its launch, it reached the No. 1 position in the country and within 24 days it did 1.9 million downloads. Right now Miguel V. Solano having Net Worth 25M Dollars. Which is Insane at this Age, clearly he is one of budding entrepreneurs of this Generation.

Solano advises budding entrepreneurs that they must first start with YouTube, educate themselves from the online platform and learn how to minimize the risks by learning from somebody else’s mistakes. Also, one thing that he strongly believes in is to build stronger relationships with others along the journey.

Solano and his company are specialists in social media and digital marketing work who have helped maximize the online presence and reach of all their clients successfully.

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