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Michel Dahyana Identity Theft Issues & How She Is Preventing Them




Michel Dahyana is a very successful model and businesswoman from the humble small town of Bogota in Columbia. Despite having humble beginnings, Michel dreamed of becoming a successful catwalk model and worked very hard to achieve this dream, and is still determined to further her career to create a bright future.

Michel established herself in the world of modeling by becoming a webcam model and soon became a top model in 2017 by working between different websites and appearing on large TV stations like Her beauty is admired and loved by many across the world. Furthermore, Michel has a strong investment portfolio and uses her money wisely, and does not limit herself to modeling.

Michel’s career in the world of modeling has been very successful, and you can find out more about her upcoming projects on her Instagram page which boats a huge following of over 591k+ @dahyn1xoficial or subscribe to her Onlyfans page –

The social media and modeling career of Michel has consisted of a lot of hard work, as to build a following as high as 591k+ is a very time consuming and difficult process but has led to many rewards along the way. However, Michel has had to overcome many different hurdles as she built this bright future for herself. On her journey, she has lost 8 different Instagram profiles due to identity theft and has to put up with over several different fake Instagram accounts claiming to be her.

This issue is not limited to Instagram, as she had a Twitter account with over 510k followers and it was reported by other pages that steal her identity for followers! As a result, Michel’s account was suspended for no reason of her own, and she can not retrieve the account back yet.

Not only is it unfair that others are stealing her identity for social media clout, but it is also wrong in the eyes of the law and on moral ground. Michel’s identity has been used by others to commit fraud and steal money, which she does not condone in any way, shape, or form.

As a result of the lack of identity authentication on Michel’s social media and how her image is being used for crimes, she monetizes her social media through Fancentro – which you can check out on this link – This service ensures others do not screenshot her content to reuse it for their own purposes and encourages fans to pay her for the content she puts out.

Michel Dahyana’s career in the world of modeling and investments has been very successful, and her future is very bright and fuelled by her ambition, motivation, and longing to do well. However, she has had to deal with many hurdles in order to achieve this! Her work and determination are very admirable especially for someone who is so young.

If you want to check out her Instagram for yourself, then you can follow her on Instagram @dahyn1xoficial

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