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Meet Karmel Bortoleti – Creator of wellness brand KB FIT CLUB, a successful model and a hard hitting entrepreneur, who has truly made her presence felt globally




The gorgeous Karmel from Brazil who has been a known face in the glamour industry has now gone a step ahead and launched her own brand which has created a huge impact since its launch.

Karmel is a true head turner wherever she goes, people just cant resist notice her oh-so-gorgeous strikingly beautiful looks for sure. Its hard to believe that this beauty from Miami is a mother of three beautiful kids. Yes! You heard it right, three kids, and a yummy mummy in all senses. Life has not been a bed of roses for this timeless beauty as she had to go through a rough patch when she separated from her spouse a few years back. Having married for eight long years, suddenly she found herself amidst nowhere, with no support, family or otherwise. Having drifted through troubled waters, Karmel has come out as a winner. If I had broken down, I wouldnt have been able to give the life my kids deserved. I had to get back on my feet and keep going. I had important people in my life that I call them angels” that helped me and I knew that I had to make a career no matter what to get my family sail smoothly through this stormy weather”, says Karmel. Having kept her personal setbacks aside, she strode towards making herself a life and went back modeling, acting and an became a entrepreneur, and a successful one, at that.

We wonder what makes Karmel glow like a star. The beauty she exudes is so mesmerizing that we find it hard to resist not asking about her beauty regime. She is quick to answer I strongly believe that beauty comes from inside out and you look according to what and how you feed your body. I make sure that I constantly keep myself hydrated by drinking a lot of water and liquids. I start my day with a glass of water mixed with lemon and aloe vera which is taken on an empty stomach. I follow a balanced diet which comprises of a lot of protein, good carbs and vegetables; apart from this I regularly apply vitamin C serum on my face the first when I get up in the morning. To keep my eyes in top condition I use an eye cream with thermal spring water to splash on it. For nights it is retinol cream and for my whole body its my moisturizing cream”. And I exercise a lot.

After having a successful stint as a model, Karmel is looking out to get herself into the TV industry as well. I have been modeling since long and I am all the more getting offers by the day to model, but I feel that the TV medium has a wider reach, and I find it all the more exciting. Having featured in numerous tv commercial, magazines, Karmel, today is a brand herself, and what better way than launching your own product when you yourself are a face to reckon with. With this thought she planned and launched her own fitness and wellness brand KBFITCLUB.

During the past few months when the whole world was under quarantine, Karmel was busy chalking out plans for her venture KB FIT CLUB. After going through a series of permutations and combinations, she developed a unique exercise system which focused on the exercise mat and the regime which she had developed after going through every minute detail. Her time tested exercising forms which were thoroughly given the final touches came out in public domain through her brand KB FIT CLUB. She credits her kids and boyfriend who were of immense help while she was going through the development phase of her wellness brand. They were her guinea pigs on whom she experimented every step, every movement, until it gave the desired results to her satisfaction.

Karmel being a certified life coach and work out designer has enough knowledge on how to improve ones fitness condition and boost confidence and her brand KB FIT CLUB is just doing that in a big way. I have created this brand not just to sell products, but to help people undergo a productive workout through proper form and technique” states Karmel.

One wonders what product her brand really offers which has become the talk of the town since its launch? Its a innovative exercise mat which come along with a guided exercise format which has never been seen before. Its uniqueness lies in its out of the box exercise forms which gives one a complete workout experience right in the confines of your home, and can be done at any time giving you the flexibility to workout at your own pace” says Karmel. There are other OTC products that her brand offers, one of which is going to hit the market soon – a cellulite melting cream for the butt and thighs, which is planned to be launched by this year end.

Karmel has many dreams and goals to be fulfilled in her life, one of which is to create a nonprofit organization for women, where she teaches them professional skills which can help sustain themselves in the long run. Her goal is to reach out to every woman who needs support and make them financially independent through her organization by imparting the right training which would help them land a secure and stable job. Karmel has successfully managed her personal as well as professional life with much elan, and deserves all the accolades for her never say die attitude and positive approach towards life.

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