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Meet Jeremie “Papi Watts” Watson, The Celebrity Event Coordinator, whose Digital Marketing Agency is Helping Businesses Recover Amid The Covid-19 Pandemic




Jeremie “Papi Watts” Watson, a celebrity event coordinator, and entrepreneur, is utilizing his digital marketing agency, The Watson Agency, to help those affected by Covid-19. He founded the agency in 2018, and has worked with clients like UMG, and Comcast, but is now focusing on businesses affected due to the peril caused by the coronavirus disease pandemic.

Jeremie Watson is known for his success with the hospitality company, SBE, in Los Angeles, having organized thousands of successful events helping to boost the growth of the Los Angeles nightlife market. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, Watson had organized events for A-listeners such as Post Malone, Travis Scott, and Rihanna.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Los Angeles hospitality market has lost most of its glory. The once $3 Billion industry has been devastated, with around 40% of its workers unemployed. Jeremie Watson, and The Watson Agency have made an effort to restore the businesses that were negatively affected due to the pandemic.

The Watson Agency offers a plethora of digital services such as web development, lead generation, marketing strategy, social media management, reputation management, email, and SMS marketing, promotional events, and brand partnerships by charging a fixed monthly price.

Through his digital marketing agency, Jeremie Watson has taken an initiative to offer Agency level service to businesses that find it difficult to sustain during the Covid-19 pandemic due to the lack of access to an expert marketing service.

“We want to see businesses recover. We provide an expert level service to those affected for a sensible price, ” says Jeremie Watson. To learn more about The Watson Agency visit or follow or social at @thewatsonmarketing. Follow Jeremie Watson on social at @papiwatts.

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