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Meet Eliza Rose Watson—a rising model and entrepreneur who is as smart, altruistic, and tough as she is sexy




What do you get when you combine brains, peak physical fitness, a heart for helping others? Meet Eliza Rose Watson, a young British fitness model with a degree in psychology, who is taking social media by storm. In just over a year, Eliza has grown her Instagram page to over 500,000 followers. It seems that everything Eliza Rose does, she does with gusto. Among hundreds of thousands of other pretty faces in social media, Eliza proves that it is still possible to stand out from the crowd with hard work, wise choices, and keeping your integrity intact.

Eliza Rose started out as a fitness model but has found success in every venture she has dipped her toes in so far. She has a college degree, has been featured in magazines such as LiftTheBar, HERs, Muscle and Fitness, and Flex, and has even been a nude model for live art. After deciding to create an online portfolio for her modeling pictures on Instagram, she realized an untapped potential. When her following exploded in record time, Eliza Rose understood the potential to upscale her business in ways that professional photoshoots were not. With prior knowledge of digital marketing, Eliza knew that online-based work offered a freedom level that she would never realize through any other modeling work. At about the same time she ventured onto Instagram, she also began a subscription account on OnlyFans, which is thriving as well.

A key to Eliza’s success lies in her practice of only measuring herself against her past achievements, thereby nipping competition envy in the bud. “I have carved out a pretty specific niche for myself, but either way, I look at other women on social media as allies, not competitors,” she says of online rivalry or competition. Eliza Rose positioned herself between two popular genres on social media—fitness and sensual modeling; something few people have successfully done. She jokingly refers to herself as a “fitness glamour hybrid.” Rather than compete with other influencers, on the contrary, Eliza plans to assist newcomers in equipping themselves with the tools she wishes she had getting started in the business. She says, “When I was first starting in the industry, everything seemed to be a closed book. I genuinely want to help others out, sort of in solidarity, I suppose.”

Eliza keeps her integrity intact when facing tempting opportunities to grow her brand. She has had to turn down several clients when they ask her to endorse a product or service she is unfamiliar with or disagrees with regarding quality. Many other influencers snatch up whatever chances they are given, but Eliza understands that she is her own product at the end of the day. Therefore, she takes into consideration what her endorsements mean to her followers. Keeping her integrity is also includes providing fresh, exciting content to maintain the standards Eliza Rose’s followers have come to expect. “Creativity is my escape. I try to visit new locations, shoot different angles, and create beautiful work that inspires others,” she says of always putting out the most substantial content.

Life (and business) prove challenging to every entrepreneur worth her salt. Eliza Rose is no different. She has felt the strains of COVID-19 in several ways. With so many new social media would-be influencers coming onto the scene, it has made the online space feel smaller. “That just means I have to amp up my content, keep things fresh, post frequently and stay focused,” Eliza says. Her numbers continue to grow, pandemic or not. She is now in the top 0.08% of over 4 million social media influencers worldwide. She continues to gain traction on all of her platforms, has been featured in magazines throughout the UK, and is continuing to broaden her education every day when it comes to expanding her future products and services. The most gratifying thing about Eliza’s success has been her ability to help the family financially during the pandemic in 2020 when some of them lost their jobs. “Helping my family has been my greatest achievement to date,” she says proudly.

To learn more about Eliza Rose Watson, follow her on Instagram.

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