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Meet Abuka Onuegbu Jonathan aka Bigg Joo, a model from Austria, who has Become an Inspiration for Many




Abuka Onuegbu Jonathan or popularly known as the Bigg Joo, is a famous face in Austria. He is a model who has been setting high standards since he was young. The 35-year-old Austrian Model is one of the most stylish men in the fashion industry in the country.

Since he was a kid, Bigg Joo had an interest in photography and posing. When he got older, he took up modeling as a career, and he hasn’t looked back since. He believes that his body is a motif, and is a body-positive person.

Bigg Joo has always been a hardworking man who is ready to take up new challenges. His official website is and it is the best place to contact him. Moreover, he is also present on Instagram. He has over four thousand followers on the social media platform.

Jonathan is from Klagenfurt. Austria, but he is open to traveling across the world for shoots. In his website, he clearly states that he welcomes new ideas and opportunities that come along his way and is willing to entertain it.

Bigg Joo’s style is classic smart with a touch of modern inspiration. He dresses up his best in suits and tuxedos. But he can carry a casual summer look great as well.

Anyone who wants to contact him can either mail him through his Instagram account or visit his website. He is one of the leading models in Klagenfurt. Austria. His style is underrated, subtle, and elegant, and his work ethic is commendable.

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