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Meet Abby Roberge: A Comedian For All




If there is ever a comedian to be dubbed as suitable for all audiences; it’s Abby Roberge.  This one of a kind comedian has risen from humble beginnings to dominate a seat of prominence in the world of comedy. His ability to pull in audiences from varying demographics is one of the main reasons behind his ever growing success.

Roberge’s early youth was spent in a communal environment in Vancouver B.C. Canada. He left this world and ventured into California (Los Angeles to be exact) at the age of 12.  As his adult years approached he felt the pull of comedy growing stronger.  Entering comedy was one of the easiest decisions of his life. After all, he already had a penchant for making people laugh. Comedy would allow him to do what he did best.

In time, Roberge honed his skill and grew quickly into a comedy genius, wowing audiences from all around the world. People just can’t stop watching and re-watching his performances and he keeps gaining new followers daily. Viewers who have experienced an Abby Roberge sketch, are quickly mesmerized and soon become loyal and passionate followers.

What Makes Roberge So Lovable

There’s something about the endearing yet bold way that Roberge approaches comedy that makes him a magnet for fans around the world. His style of comedy isn’t forced, neither is it loud or abrasive. Some fans have described his style as being classic yet daring.

His magnetic style has pulled millions around the world into his fan circle and is the leading reason behind his fast growing fan base.  His sketches that have been aired on the Laugh Factory’s  website have amassed over a hundred million views and continue to attract new viewers and fans every day.  On YouTube his videos attract rave reviews almost daily and his fans constantly beg for more of his laughter inducing commentary.  His Instagram account also has a large following of fans who simply can’t get enough of Roberge.

Roberge’s Multi-faceted Reach

Viewers of all ages and backgrounds can relate to and enjoy Roberge’s content. A review of his Instagram and YouTube followers will reveal that they hail from all over the world and are from varying socio-economic backgrounds. His topics are diverse ranging from religion to intimacy and gender issues. Whatever you find fascinating in this world, Roberge is able to help you find humour in it.

Roberge style of comedy fits so many areas that he easily appeals to wide audiences. His multicultural background may well be his secret weapon. Having lived in a communal setting in his Vancouver B.C. hometown, Roberge was able to garner experiences that not only fed his natural

Another plus for Roberge is his frank and open manner. Roberge isn’t afraid to tackle tough or taboo issues and neither is he afraid to put his own life on the display table. Many of his standup sketches are centered on his first hand experiences of life both in Canada and the US.  Essentially, taking in an Abby Roberge performance is like heading out on a refreshingly exhilarating adventure, with a trusted guide.

To top it all off this gifted comedian has an easy going aura around him that makes him appealing to audiences. His voice and approach are casual and soothing, which helps audiences to feel at ease and he exudes a general cool, calm appearance.

Roberge’s flexible style has endeared him to corporate and social audiences. The comedian delivers a scintillating performance at corporate events or social events and as a result he is in high demand in both arenas.

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