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Stafford Beats is Becoming the Best Version of Himself




For Patrick Stafford, before his time in the military, becoming an artist did not cross his mind. Stafford searched for a way to fill his spare time and do something he loved when he left to perform his duties. He eventually discovered his true love, making music, through trial and error. Patrick Stafford switched to Stafford Beats during this exploration and hasn’t looked back since.

Stafford Beats spent a tremendous amount of time looking at various YouTube videos ranging from EDM to Genius Deconstructed episodes for different hip hop songs while improving his skills. He observed appealing elements of both genres, leading him to go down a trap path that was more melodic than anything else.

Although unexpected, via Stafford Beats, Patrick Stafford found his calling. With several new songs in the works and ties being made along the way, expect the young artist to do great things soon. Keep an eye on him in 2021, as he continues to rise.

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Stream Stafford Beat’s music on Spotify here.

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