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Meaning of Mine: Young Entrepreneurs Out to Effect Change through Fashion




Many entrepreneurs are starting to sprout from younger generations. Gone are the days that only well-funded forty-year-olds can build a business. With today’s growing digital trends and the power of e-commerce, anyone can become an entrepreneur regardless of age and background. One good example would be Camaryn and Elle Swanson, founders and owners of Meaning of Mine.

Meaning of Mine is an up-and-coming fashion brand with a worthy mission. The brand’s goal is to empower and inspire girls from all walks to life to become the best version of themselves they can be. It also seeks to uplift women’s confidence by encouraging them to feel good in their own skin. The business comes through the vision and hard work of Camaryn and Elle, two sisters who have excelled in fashion design and social media influencing. 

Camaryn is 21, and Elle is 18. The two hail from Miami, Florida. The sisters grew up in a highly entrepreneurial home. From a young age, their parents trained them to work hard and innovate. Today, they carry those lessons with them. As entrepreneurs, Camaryn and Elle aren’t looking to today’s growing trends. They want to be the catalysts that push forward new trends.

The expression of their passion is the brand Meaning of Mine, a venture that merges their love for fashion, business, and women empowerment. Business operations are 100 percent run by women. All company shares also go to women. Everything about the brand emanates woman empowerment. In a society that objectifies women and where men dominate the business world, Camaryn and Elle seek to be a beacon of hope for women everywhere. 

Moreover, the brand’s messaging banks heavily on a positive and powerful message to women. Meaning of Mine stands for every woman, regardless of color or background. The company also seeks to play an active role in community outreach and social innovations. “We are passionate about participating at charity events and pop-up shops,” share the sisters. “Recently we have shifted to eco-friendly fabrics and are joining the sustainable fashion world. We have used our platform and created a blog on our website that connects young women to engage about health, lifestyle, fashion, relationships, and more.”

Meaning of Mine’s line of products has three branches: Mine Swim, Mine Sweats, and Mine Active. The brand provides girls with some of the best-designed bikinis, activewear, and sweats. Their signature product is the selection of string bikinis, Mine Swim, that the Swanson sisters designed themselves. Each design is posh and “holds you up in the right places.” Mine Sweats gives fashion enthusiasts both comfort and style. In recent times, Meaning of Mine has also launched Mine Active, a sports and activewear line that seeks to promote fitness through their high-quality products and designs.

The fashion brand guarantees only the best quality and designs that will make any woman feel confident and happy. Camaryn and Elle look beyond the horizon and hope to one day scale Meaning of Mine. The way they do this is by staying unique and innovative in their approach to business and fashion.

Meaning of Mine ships all over the world. To learn more about the fashion brand and check out their selections, check out their website and Instagram page.

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