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Max Weiss explains how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is shaping up digital marketing




The key to staying relevant in the technological field is upgrading yourself with time. Every day there is some new innovation in the technological world. If you upgrade yourself now, it might become old within 3 months.

Growing with technology is the only solution. In today’s time, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) has proved its potential in science. It is touted to be the future and the most important thing in day-to-day lives. Both will be beneficial in technology. But the question is how will it benefit digital marketers?

To solve the question, digital marketer and entrepreneur Max Weiss shared his take about the same. The founder of Weiss Consulting & Marketing states that AI and ML will be integrated in almost all the field in the years to come.

He further said that every new thing is good for our world as it will make our work easy. It will improve companies decision power, and it will help them invest, and it will also help clients get more returns on their investments.

Adding to the point, Max Weiss continued by saying it will speed up analyses and complete tasks in a short time. “It will minimize your budget on ad spendings and give good returns on investments. AI will improve margins and bottom-line revenues of clients”, said Max.

With this, people will create optimal campaigns. More accurate projections with better decision making because of AI. He also added that AI will help in predicting the latest trends in the online marketing scene.

According to Max Weiss, AI will discover new opportunities. You can apply data from one client to another. It will help people make fast decisions with more perfections. “You can place the right ads to the right potential customers”, he added.

Max Weiss feels constant improvement and optimization of the technology will significantly avail clients analytics strategy. Like any creative being, AI needs maturation and a lot of expertise to accumulate its capability to solve problems.

Lastly, giving a piece of advice, he says that it is a very well-calculated investment in your company and your team. Businesses who integrate AI and ML will flourish in the future. He even

stated that humans should learn it as AI is not that tough, and there is nothing to fear unless robots take control over the world.

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