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AstroFX is One of the Best Company for Forex Trade Training Programs




Aman Natt and Shaun Lee’s Venture AstroFX is Gaining Strength in Global Market.

Aman Natt and Shaun Lee are the two names behind the venture called AstroFX a trading company based in London, UK. The two young people are skilled traders and have an edge on the forex domain who have helped many aspiring traders to hone trading skills in the domain to gain success. With various trading programs and packages, AstroFX is committed to training people in the domain of Forex. The 12 months trading program by AstroFX helps in honing the skill sets of the aspiring traders to the next level. 

Before founding the said company in London, both Aman and Shun got a good exposure in business from their family friends. However, they were looking for some guidance on global trade working from any place and doing trade on the other side. This brought them across on social media crossing their paths. They interacted with each other and then found their partnership worthy to go with their joint venture by founding the company AstroFX. This is how the company came into existence. 

With the modest start, the two got a small space in Birmingham, UK. Their education and learning about the forex markets continued and got an edge over Art of Technical Analysis. This led them with the tag of Forex Gurus on the Internet. They soon came out with training videos on trade which they shared on every Tuesday calling them as ‘Technical Tuesdays’. Their videos soon got viral among the novices and learners to make them popular in the Forex market. 

They soon decided to expand their wings and thus embarked upon their training workshops in Toronto, New York, LA, and Miami along with other places like Dubai, Istanbul, Cape Town, and Malaysia to name a few. This led them to embark upon their new office in London with a team of 20 people. They have huge plans to follow once the lockdown is over. In other words, they are all set to fly high all across the globe with AstroFX.

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