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Manufacturing Success: Turning Failure into Fortune with Ludovico Cianchetta Vazquez and BnB Academy




Ludovico Cianchetta Vazquez, 24, (@nudovico) has quickly become somewhat of an entrepreneurial wunderkind. He is widely regarded as the “Guru of Airbnb,” has founded multiple successful companies, and has taught hundreds of people how to create lives of financial prosperity. However, Vazquez’s success may be derived from his uncanny ability to use failure as a tool for success.

At just 24-years-old, Vazquez has had a meteoric rise to success in business. Already being mentioned in Forbes Italy, one might think his path to financial freedom has been a smooth ride, but Vazquez assures aspiring entrepreneurs that the path to prosperity is anything but easy.

“In every business and for every businessman there are tough periods,” said Vazquez. “The important thing is to focus on the objectives and work hard to achieve them.”

Vazquez launched his first entrepreneurial project when he was only 17. He created a product called Adappt, an adapter that allows people to switch various straps onto their Apple Watches.

The project did not do as well as Vazquez hoped, coming up $16,000 short of its $50,000 crowdfunding goal. However, Vazquez chose to view this project with a positive mindset, seeing it as a learning experience and using his failure as motivation to create a successful business in a different market.

“It was still a great achievement for a 17-year-old guy with no experience,” Vazquez states.

The young entrepreneur took what he learned from his first business and used it to start another company called PowerMe, which sold innovative power-sharing cables for smartphones.

PowerMe was a huge success. The company raised $48,000 from a crowdfunding campaign and sold its products in 90 countries. Vazquez was beginning to find his footing in entrepreneurialism, but his greatest achievement was yet to come.

Vazquez began leasing properties and listing them on Airbnb. Using advanced marketing techniques, he crafted a method to successfully list high-converting properties while paying their rent and turning incredible profits.

“I knew I was on the right track when I started making huge profits from properties on Airbnb and people were happy to pay to stay in beautiful houses,” said Vazquez.

Word of Vazquez’s success in the Airbnb business spread rapidly. Many entrepreneurs started asking him how he created his wealth, inspiring him to create BnB Academy, a program providing step-by-step guidance to entrepreneurs wanting to build their own Airbnb businesses.

People from around the globe flock to Vazquez’s Academy, hoping some of his business acumen will rub off on them.

BnB Academy has helped over 600 people achieve financial prosperity and plans on helping hundreds more, as new students are constantly seeking Vazquez’s guidance.

Vazquez doesn’t just teach about the Airbnb business. He has partnered with fellow businessman Francesco Crema to found Book Academy, a program that teaches people how to make money on Amazon selling books written by ghostwriters. Vazquez has developed a loyal student body, with many of his students enrolling in both classes.

Vazquez has created a luxurious lifestyle and has built a prosperous career, but neither would be possible had he quit after his first failure.

To learn more about Vazquez and the prosperous life he has created, be sure to follow him @nudovico.

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