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Loyalty Records, a New York-based label, headed by entrepreneurs Stephen Vincent Orso and Peter Ashley, is setting a new standard for the music scene




Just two years ago, the two took a crash course in music management and chipped away at making their mark on the industry.

Loyalty’s signed artists include hip-hop artist Tec, singer Ty James, producers KBeaZy, and Kyle Stemberger, singer and songwriter Perri Jones as well as rapper The Village.

Orso, who has an extensive network from entrepreneurial ventures and being a member of prominent social circles, has undoubtedly given his artists a fast route to the top. He has doubled down on his strong-suits to capitalize on strategic partnerships and influential artist collaborations.

Beyond just music, Orso’s passion includes helping others realize their highest potential which is exactly what he plans to do with Loyalty’s youngest discovery, KBeaZy. Orso has an intricate understanding of music and the current trends driving the newly introduced streaming era.

He knew from the start KBeaZy’s talent and ability to make music and adapt to any production challenge would lead the once in a generation producer to work with the likes of G-Eazy, Kehlani, Roddy Ricch, Wiz Khalifa, Iann Dior and the late Juice Wrld. With the success of Loyalty Records’ artists, the company is on track to dominate the charts and disrupt the conventional market.

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