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Conditions of Applying for NICOP through NADRA




The abbreviation of NADRA is National Database and Registration Authority. All the sensitive information about the national citizens of Pakistan are maintained in a database which is under the Nadra. This is directly maintained under Pakistan’s Interior Secretary. It manages all the sensitive information about the nation’s citizens in a collaborative order.

For any citizen demanding for the National identity card, Nadra is a responsible organization behind the issuing task for the citizens of Pakistan. The responsibility of securing all the information and keeping it confidential falls upon the shoulders of NADRA as well. Not just in Pakistan, but among the whole world,Nadra holds the record of maintaining the largest database system biometric system. The offices both domestic and international together hold employment of a lot of people and have really important roles to bear.

Conditions for applying through Nadra Swift Registration Centres:

Many conditions are there that must be strictly followed while applying for various processes provided by the Nadra. The requirements need to be followed with complete honesty and true to the information in order to process the details of an individual as smoothly as possible.

  1. The Centres operating for Nadra Swift Registrations are strictly working on the latest technologies and stay up to date with the new system of database maintenance.
  2. An individual is required to be present at the place of registration for the live process of capturing data.
  3. Important documents such as CNIC/ Old NIC must be available with the individual while their visit to the registration office.
  4. National Swift Registration Centre also requires some basic documentations to follow through the formalities of the process. The documents that need to be provided includes thumb impressions, all the information entry, photographs etc.
  5. All the information is recorded accurately by the use of the most latest available techniques and technologies by officially trained individuals. All this is done to ensure no mistake is the data collection process of the individuals.
  6. Every person is required to visit the office in person to follow through the process. It is only possible to complete the process by visiting the office in person.
  7. Only original documents are the immediate necessity for applying the NICOP via Nars. The other essentials like photographs or photocopied documents can be exempted.
  8. There is a special guideline issued by the Nadra for all the international registration offices under its control. The offices working in the location such as London, Birmingham, Manchester and Bradford are required to fill in an appointment before visiting the office in person. This is really important to be followed as none of the citizens in these offices are entertained without a prior booking for the visit.
  9. There is usually no time allotment for the meeting to the NSRC. The people are served on the first come first serve basis. This is to save the processing time during the whole process.
  10. All the necessary information is required on the official website of Nadra and can be thoroughly visited to gather all the important details before visiting the office.

* One important thing that goes unnoticed by many people is the fact that for the purpose of tracking the progress of NICOP application request, the official website of Nadra is not responsible. The only way to track it is by directly calling the official headquarters of Nadra located in Islamabad. This call is not free of charge. The call may be able to track your details and progress report only after giving them the registration ID and the 10 digit token number which is provided during the NICOP application process through Nadra.

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