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This past year, the pandemic has shown us all how resilient people can be, how when others come together, change can be created and spirits can be livened. It has not been an easy year and many have relied on zooms, phone calls and of course, wine and spirits to make it through. Sometimes, it is challenging to find a wonderful wine shop and spirits spot all in one place with good quality and unique brands that can be delivered rapidly, which is why Juicefly came to fruition. Juicefly in Culver City is a modern take on a neighborhood shop that offers a one stop destination for lovers of wine and spirits to stop in and take something new home to discover and savor. Their mission is truly to “Let Your Spirit Fly” with their unparalleled offerings.

Juicefly’s hand selected wines are from the United States and different countries and regions all around the world including Latin America and Europe that produce the finest grapes in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. There is a vast selection of different blends and varietals that offer something new to all wine connoisseurs. Juicefly offers biodynamic, unfiltered and vegan wines that are exquisite in taste for those who wish to discover wines that are created with a passion for utmost quality and good for you.

Are you looking for a way to order alcohol online and have it delivered right to your door? If so, JuiceFly is the perfect Los Angeles Alcohol delivery app for you.

Juicefly’s Wine collection offers rare finds and classics alike with Champagne, Rosé, Red and White varietals such as; Krug Rose ChampagneLaurent Perrier Grand Siecle ChampagneTattinger Comes Blanc de BlancChateau Brane CantenacLes Griffons de Pichon BarronPurple AngelOpus OneCaymusTignanelloBodegas AlionFlor De PingusLe Macchiole and Finca El Origen “Phi” just to name a few.

Some of the exclusive Spirits offered at Juicefly ready to vivify any occasion are Heritage Guillotine Vodka,French vodka made from Champagne grapes and the first vodka in the world to be aged, Dos Perros Mezcal, rare Mezcals from the owner of Le Petit Ermitage in West Hollywood, Tequila Dos Artes, a family owned Tequila that comes in a uniquely crafted bottle, Tequila Arette, a five generation family brand, Tequila FortalezaD’USEÉ Cognac from France, and Alberta Premium Whiskey from Canada that was just voted the number one Whiskey in the world.

Juicefly, of course, has something for those Beer aficionados with brands including Del Pueblo Beer, from a local Pasadena brewery, Estrella Galicia from Spain, Glutenberg, a gluten free beer and organic options with Green’s Amber Ale and Pinkus beerFor those seeking a healthy alternative, Juicefly proudly carries the fun and zestful brand that is Nova Easy Kombucha, and Kyla Hard Kombucha for cheerful days and nights.

Juicefly’s unmatched delivery service offers free delivery for orders over $50 on the West Side in under 30 minutes and free delivery on orders over $100 in all of Los Angeles in under 1 hour to bring you their unmatched goods right to your doorstep.

Juicefly is proof that anything is possible in the booze world, and is pioneering the way for Culver City locals and Los Angeles residents to discover that their new liquor store destination is so much more than they could have ever imagined! Come in and Let Your Spirit Fly at Juicefly!

Juicefly is open Sunday through Thursday from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm and from Friday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 2:00 am. For information and delivery services, guests can visit or by calling Juicefly directly at 323.916.8336. 


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