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Leyi (Ruby) Yang Makes Waves in the Art World with Her Thought-Provoking Creations




Art has always been a medium to communicate with the viewer via symbols, illustrations, and expressions. It encompasses various forms such as drawings, paintings, prints, videos, and more. The visual shapes, forms, lines, and colors are meant to inspire and evoke emotions and thoughts as per the interpretation of the artwork.

Recently, the art scene has witnessed the rise of the prolific artist Leyi (Ruby) Yang, who has taken the art world by storm. She makes waves and draws the attention of several renowned artists and galleries towards her unique and thought-provoking creations. The evocative large-scaled artworks are replete with passion, creativity, and a certain edge to them that makes them inimitable, brilliant, and captivating. Inspired by Nihilism and poets that involve studying the emptiness, the meaningless, and the deconstruction and recreation of forms and meanings, her work is beautifully covered in layers of extremely vibrant color and includes a touch of an untamed drawing of words. The colors compose perceptual depths and poetic atmosphere that allow multidimensional readings for her works.

She has recently transitioned into the medium of multi-media. Yang says, “Creating videos allows me to broaden my horizon and explore the spaces within installation and performance.” Her ongoing series is about love and emptiness, wherein she unravels the essence of the concept beyond the interpretation humans have given it and offers a whole new meaning. Her creations provoke you to think and provide a new dimension wherein words mean nothing that they have meant before, along with the colors that will evoke various emotions.

Yang graduated with a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from the prestigious San Francisco Art Institute and has showcased her work at various exhibitions that include ‘San Francisco Thursday Artwalk’ at Upcider, San Francisco, California, ‘Longing for Anything’ and ‘How Not To Be Held Down By Air’ at Schaffer Gallery, San Francisco, California, ‘Another Swell Show’ and ‘Into the Vault’ at Art Attack SF, San Francisco, California, and ‘RED!’ at Webster Arts, Missouri.

She has also displayed her work at the Wild Cuts – Woman Made Gallery at Chicago, Illinois; Drop, Forge & Tool Open Studio in Hudson City, New York, and Flaneur’s Square, Hive Center for Contemporary Art Beijing, China.

Follow the talented artist on Instagram @imissnirvana and visit her website to find her stunning pieces of art and connect with her for inquiries or commission a piece.

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