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In today’s day and age, boosting business online is very easy, provided you have appropriate tools that serve the cause.

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Branding is all about making the first impression through an impeccable brand that stands out. It is something that can change the opinion of the people regarding any product, service, or website. A complete overhaul is all it takes to grab the attention of the target audience. Hence, once it is all said and done, consumers expect a lot more out of your brand or service.

Web Design

For a brand, one of the best ways to have a long-lasting first impression is to have an immaculately designed website design. The biggest reason to have a website, as it attracts the audience and lets them decide the matter of mere seconds. Also, you should have a better web design than your competitors to give you the edge in business. Outdated content or website structure does not appeal to the customers but rather turns them off. 

Web Portal

A web portal is also known as a categorized and personalized content library.  It is designed particularly as a single information access point. It comprises of features such as application integration, task management, business intelligence and collaboration. Furthermore, it also helps in information integration, search navigation, personalization, and notification. 


E-commerce is also known as electronic commerce which means buying services or goods online. The broad term covers everything related to online selling and buying. It is a specific type of commerce done online. The difference between physical commerce and e-commerce is the existence of a brick-and-mortar store. In e-commerce, there are several methods of payment, including cash on delivery (COD). When the customer places an order, then the order is processed online before getting shipped to the customer’s residence.

Web Maintenance

Website maintenance includes keeping website relevant and updated regularly. Furthermore, this also includes checking mistakes and errors on the website regularly.  It is also important to check the website consistently to check the health status of the website and ensure up to date traffic and strong SEO and rankings. Whether small companies or big enterprises, both need to keep their websites attractive and well maintained.

Mobile/Web Apps

Apps and web apps are different from one another, while one is downloaded and operates in a mobile phone, the other operates via the internet browser. Mobile apps can be found from the play store or iOS app store.


Search engine optimization (SEO) helps to improve the visibility of a website and attracts quality customers. The number of visitors increases with more visibility, and there is a high chance to get the attention of the target audience amongst them.


Social media marketing (SMM) is a way to drive website traffic, build your brand by connecting your audience, and increase sales. The task involves running social media advertisements, engaging your followers, and analyzing results.

Online Reputation Management

The purpose of online reputation management (ORM) is to organize your business in such a way that will influence the people online. With the help of ORM, businesses can manage negative reviews and invite customers to give positive feedback.

Animated Videos

Animated videos are the key promotional tool and profitable strategies for digital marketing. It is the best way for a product or brand to tell a story in an engaging and fun way, in a few minutes. 

Web Design Lane is a multi-service brand for customers. With all such services, brands have a chance to take their business to the next level.

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