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It is trite that the year 2020 ushered in huge challenges that everyone was not prepared for. The advent of the coronavirus pandemic put global activities to a standstill. It was a tough blow, as every industry felt the impact negatively and the need to adjust to the new norm became inevitable. 

Just like most creative entrepreneurs, Chris Sarchet Bell put specific measures in place to help his business withstand the challenges that came along with the global pandemic. It is well established that the Shutdown Events was created to serve as an avenue that permits fun and socialization among young adults and teenagers. But with several COVID-19 protocols that prevented social gatherings, the smooth operations of these events were disturbed.

How did Shutdown Events operate during the pandemic?

Chris Sarchet Bell created Shutdown Events in a manner that does not just focus on partying but also advocates for enlightenment. The primary purpose of the events is to show the young ones that they can have fun without getting drunk or high, and this campaign was still paramount during the lockdown period. 

Shutdown Events thrived during the pandemic through its massive online presence. Chris Sarchet Bell worked with his team and influencers to push the creativity of their clients. During this period, the young ones were encouraged to take on creative endeavours and try something new. Often, they promote some to the influencer level as a form of encouragement and reward for creativity.

Also, Chris showed a perfect example by carrying on new endeavours that were quite different from what he used to do. This new activity helped him escape the struggles of his business. When asked how he managed to keep Shutdown Events afloat, he had this to say:

“I can’t lie, we struggled, it’s been super tough and a few times I wasn’t sure we were gonna make it, the longer it went on and the more we had to push back our shows the tougher it became. I luckily used my time wisely throughout 2020 and sharpened my skills in marketing and design, I then fell into a new business accidentally from helping a friend’s parent in their restaurant with their social media and building them a website to sell online whilst they were closed, they were that impressed that they told everyone and still to this day I’ve not had to promote my marketing business at all in 7 months and it’s still going better than I ever imagined”.

Also, this period served as an opportunity for Chris Sarchet Bell and his team to work on new plans to make the Shutdown Events even better than the previous years, because the goal is to make every event better than the former.

“Shutdown Event is planning to return to normality, gather the hype that has been lost and bring back the splendid events as if they never left. Once this restriction phase passes, our plans are huge. We just need to know ourselves when it can happen before we announce the plans,” Chris says.

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