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Lacclan Gottfried Rising With the Stars




Capturing some of the most extreme and hilarious videos online, Australian born content creator Lacclan Gottfried always guarantees endless smiles and shrieks of laughter through his array of comedy content. Avid filmmaker and King of Pranks, @itslacci has spent years collaborating with some of the biggest internet celebrities and fellow influencers like Riley Reid, Logan Paul, Jackson O’Doherty, Kristen Hanby just to name a few.  Lacclan has been caught in the midst of all these A list internet celebrities content from time to time. 

After racking up millions of views, and garnering an impressive 200k followers on Instagram and Tik-Tok, he appears to be switching roles and taking centre stage in front of the camera as the prankster himself. If his latest viral video where he paints his friend’s mansion pink or transforming his housemates car bright pink is anything to go by, we’re sure in for the ultimate fun and giggles. Lacclan is set to up his content in 2021 with a promising future.

Life is too short not to smile every day! Check out his channels and follow the buzz!
Instagram – @itslacci
Tik-Tok – @itslacci

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