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Kiarash Behain: A creative mind behind the online influence of top doctors including Dr. Cancer Killer and Dr. Chiddy




Photo: Rundown Media CEO Kiarash Behain

Doctors are real life superheroes and entrepreneur Kiarash Behain is helping these very important professionals create their alter-ego identities online.

Kiarash is a social media director and CEO of his company Rundown Media—who helps many professionals, big and small, make an impact in the digital world.

Since 2002, Kiarash has developed a skillset that has targeted some of the biggest names in entertainment, music and business. His experience as a marketing director, social media specialist and entrepreneur has earned him the accomplishments of having award-winning viral marketing campaigns for #1 Top Billboard albums, TV shows and Hollywood blockbusters including “Fast and the Furious.”

Kiarash’s company, Rundown Media now extends their services to help top medical experts expand their brands online.

“When we first contacted Rundown Media, we needed a simple marketing scheme to expand our product services. Immediately after, we began a long term relationship.” says Dr. Salar Hazany.

Photo: Rundown Media CEO Kiarash Behain and Dr. Salar Hazany

Dr. Salar Hazany is a top ranked dermatologist based in Beverly Hills, California. Rundown Media assisted with creating Dr. Hazany’s alter-ego “Dr. Cancer Killer” and helped establish his reach to nearly a quarter million followers on Instagram within a six month period.



“Medical experts are amazing individuals that deserve to shine in the digital world.” says Kiarash Behain. “I study the elements that make each client unique and apply their personalities to fit into a strong social media presence. The rest is strategy, game planning and the magic of creating.”

It doesn’t stop there! Rundown Media continues to be the top creative and digital agency choice for many doctors and surgeons including Dr. Jerry Chidester aka “Dr. Chiddy,” a Board-Certified Plastic and Hand Surgeon based in Utah. Rundown Media has collaborated with Dr. Chiddy and helped rebrand him as one of the coolest and funnest medical professionals that you will find on the Internet!

Photo: Homer Simpson and Dr. Chiddy

To this day, Rundown Media continues to represent top celebrities, influencers and brands by providing them with their online content and social media marketing.

Sharon was always fascinated by the workings of the human body and for her, nothing was better than being a health news journalist. By creating news pieces for the latest happenings in the world of human health, Sharon aims to create awareness among the readers to help them include better and healthy options in their daily lifestyle.

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