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Kendall Joshua is Building a Positive and Inspiring Community With Her Music at Just 18 Years Old




Kendall Joshua has recently seen a wave of success in her rising hip hop career after the release of her album “GANAR”. Meaning “to win” in Spanish, “GANAR” has received wide acclaim in Joshua’s community, has earned spots on playlists, and even has gotten radio play. With the project being a self-proclaimed “motivational masterpiece”, Joshua hopes to extend that positive energy to her community of fans.

Putting her heart and soul into the music she produces, Joshua injects her tracks with her life experiences, hardships, triumphs, and trials. Because of this, her fans have something to relate to, and in many cases be inspired by. Joshua fosters this, and treats her fanbase as a community, engaging and inspiring those who look up to her. Using her growing popularity as a platform to spread relatable and powerful messages, Joshua hopes to create a “more woke” generation.

Joshua’s success continues to grow as her refreshingly original hip hop sound becomes more and more polished and refined. Inspired by many different genres, Joshua’s music is unique, catchy, and inspirational. With plans to continue releasing music regularly, Joshua and her community will continue to grow in many ways in the years to come.

Listen to Kendall Joshua’s music here:

You can find Kendall Joshua on Instagram here:

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