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Justin Goff Ventured Into Entrepreneurship To Pay A Gambling Debt




Justin Goff is one of the highest-paid marketers in the world of freelance projects. He ventured into online freelance marketing because of a gambling debt. “I got into online marketing because of a $1200 gambling debt I had in college. I had no idea how to make a website or run a business.” Currently, this serial entrepreneur is a multi-millionaire and an angel investor in numerous health food companies such as Thrive Market, Primal Kitchen, Kettle & Fire, Serenity Kids, and others. 

We had a chat with Justin to learn more about his journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur. 

Dead Broke & in Debt 

Justin Goff is the man behind the biggest marketing videos you see all over the internet”. Most people have clicked on one of the “1 weird tips to lose 3 lbs” ads that I’ve consulted on (there’s hundreds of these that I’ve helped within tons of different niches, but these would be ones people are familiar with). In 2017, Goff sold the supplement company that he helped develop from $0 to $23 million. He grew this company on his own in less than three years by focussing on cold traffic growth. 

Goff started dead broke and in debt. “I went from dead broke in 2010 (I had one month of rent left and was living in a $250 apartment) to being a millionaire in 7 years.” To pay for the gambling debt, Goff ventured into online marketing. He started copywriting and making online marketing videos. Presently, 51% of marketers agree that videos result in higher ROI in marketing. It wasn’t easy starting as Goff had no idea how to run a website. Still, with hard work, dedication, and innovation, Goff was able to turn his life around. 

“When I started like most freelancers, I was charging $250 for a sales page. But now, I charge for most projects between $50,000 and $150,000, including performance bonuses,” says Goff. This versatile entrepreneur started a four multi-million dollar business. Goff’s success in the online market has won him the label, “the Warren Buffet of Funnels.” Currently, Goff helps the most significant direct response companies dial-in their funnels, so they convert better (companies like Golden Hippo, VShred, Dan Lok, Paleohacks, Agora Financial, and more). 

It’s all about Helping Others 

Goff helps online entrepreneurs and copywriters to get their offer converting on cold traffic (i.e., Facebook ads, or Youtube). “I run a program called Copy Accelerator, which is $35,400 a year to be in. We currently have 108 members,” he says. What motivates him is his passion for helping others. Goff knows how it feels to be in a financial quagmire. As such, he not only works to offer the best for his clients but also mentors others. 

Teaching copywriting is not easy. Copywriting is not something that you can learn in school or at home. Yet, Goff is currently mentoring two people. “2 of the copywriters that I mentor went from normal 9-5 jobs (one worked at Abercrombie, and the other was a financial advisor) to now making over $100,000 a year as freelance copywriters,” says Goff. 

When starting, he teamed up with his trainer to write an ebook dubbed 31 Day Fat Loss Cure. The book was an instant success and motivated him to venture into online health. He worked with an online health supplement store known as Patriot Health Institute. The secret to success for both ventures was knowing how to write a compelling copy for his Facebook Ads. 

Online Success 

Goff is an expert in developing content that gets customers to respond. The secret to his success is experience. Goff is tapping on a decade-plus of experience as a freelance copywriter. So far, he has increased his rates from $500 for a 30-page sales letter to more than a five-figure amount. 

What is impressive about Goff is that he started all on his own. Goff began a multi-million business with no team. When we asked him about the strategies he leveraged for his success, he mentioned two original plans. 

#1. Make research an integral part of your tool kit: When starting, Goff connected with the celebrated marketer Dan Kennedy. Dan gave him all of his marketing courses and DVDs. “He said to me, this will teach you everything,” says Goff. The videos helped Goff develop a deep understanding of the customer. “I started to view copywriting as salesmanship in print,” he says. 

#2. Consistency: Goff is an advocate for constant practice. He says that going to school does not guarantee success. But, practicing every day helps you build your expertise. 

Goff is a thought leader and an industry expert. There’s no doubt that we shall be seeing more of him online. 

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