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Brazilian Model Kamilla Rodrigues Almeida Sets Her Throne On The Internet




A true fashion oracle, with 168k+ fanbase, and her each pic attaining 5k+ likes, Kamilla’s beauty is profoundly depicted in her timeline

A colossal fanbase on social media platforms, Kamilla is a transcendental fashion influencer. Her fashion statements are audacious, exhibiting a novel sense of fashion and her personal exquisitiveness and boldness.

A true Fashion Oracle, with 168k+ fanbase, and her each pic attaining 5k+ likes, her beauty is profoundly depicted in her timeline.

The 27-year-old Brazilian model, is a brand ambassador for Fashion Nova, as well as Prettylitllething, Ego Official and Zaful. Her charisma makes her irresistible which is outrightly depicted by the brands she has worked with.

Instagram is a boon for her, though her voyage wasn’t as adventurous as it may seem. She endured an untold no of hardships before venturing into the world of Social Media. Her journey was arduous. After losing her job, and her dream to pursue her studies simultaneously, her friend inspired her to choose Instagram and engender an entire career out of it.

Born in a poor neighborhood in Fortaleza, Brazil Kamilla’s situation was not strengthened. Her parents separated at an early age and she had to acquire a job while swotting. Unfortunately, she lost her job and her academics suffered drastically. Standing on the edge, she decided to venture into an entirely novel world of Instagram.

Working with dedication, as she was solely made for this, she procured the much-deserved heights in no time. Acknowledgment from colossal brands came in like cakewalk. She started her journey to the dais of the zenith.

Her each click exhibits her electric, stunning and inquisitive personality and her out of the box outfits add novelty to her fashion statements.

In 2018 she associated herself with Fashion Nova as the brand ambassador. Personally, she admired the brand and applied for becoming a ‘Nova Babe’.One review is and she made it to the A-list. Her attitude, her beauty and her elegant and consummate skills all-inclusive hold the title for her upliftment.

“I created my own style and made a recognizable footprint in my country,” she said. With massive plans to go global, she believes in creativity as the sole element to engender appealing outfits and leave a mark on her followers. With 5 hours dedicated to her work, the doyenne has travelled a zillion beautiful countries, be it France, Aruba, Curacao, French Guiana, Suriname, Thailand, Singapore, Bali or any other.

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