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Jack Zuckowsky’s Social Summit carves Out a Niche in Social Media Marketing




To grow your online following, you need to identify your niche and stick with it. That’s what Jack Zuckowsky figured out with Social Summit, a social media marketing agency popular with TikTok and Instagram users. Zuckowsky learned that by targeting a specific demographic and marketing your content towards them, you can gain an active & engaged audience faster and more easily.

Social Summit uses geolocation tracking and hashtag targeting to make your content easier for your potential audience to find. It’s found proven results from this strategy and can guarantee thousands of active followers for new users. That’s how Social Summit became one of the top organic growth agencies in the world for both TikTok and Instagram, where new creators gain traction every single day.

Zuckowsky recently moved to Los Angeles to continue growing the company and has found success in the industry despite having to introduce the concept of social media marketing to the older generation. By overcoming the generational gap, Zuckowsky created a valuable marketing style that works with creators regardless of age. With the ability to execute his vision and beat the odds, Zuckowsky certainly knows how to find success for his company as well as his clients.

You can find Jack Zuckowsky on Instagram here:

And check out Social Summit at

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