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It’s Time to B3T ON YOURS3LF




B3T ON YOURS3LF is more than just a witty musical moniker. For AK, Charlie, and Porsha, it’s a daily mantra and a lifestyle. The hip-hop/singing trio—representing Providence, Los Angeles, and Tampa, respectively—each took long, twisting roads to not only find their paths in the business but also to find one another. Now that they’re in lockstep, their union is paying dividends by way of a fresh, in-your-face sound, incorporating unapologetic forward-thinking rap bars, classic R&B vibes, and edgy rockstar energy that never quits!

“We’re the female version of what men have been doing for years, we finally get to

say and do exactly what we want!” says A.K. of the group’s bold approach.

Case in point, their seemingly familiar lead offering, “They Like.” Taking an assertive yet tantalizing tone, the girls remind us that they know exactly what a boy wants, providing a snapshot of the girls in their element: sexy, edgy, opinionated, high-energy, and lyrics so sizzling they’ll burn your tongue on recital.

“We’re the perfect fit,” Porsha explains. “Everything works! As individuals, we’re OK with being different from each other. I love that! Them being so themselves, it gave me license to do that, too.”

B3T ON YOURS3LF (AKA B.O.Y.) first took shape a couple of years ago when Charlie and A.K. met in Los Angeles in the nightclub scene while go-go dancing. Late night, after shifts, they would share their work and confide their music dreams in one another. The bond resulted in the duo landing a management deal, and they quickly went to work on developing their sound. The foundation of their brand and sonics was rooted in their shared yet unique hardscrabble upbringings, coupled with their determined nature, eclectic and challenging experiences exposing the raw and relatable side of these star-crossed friends.

“We all bring our hometown vibes to the table,” Charlie remarks. “Our unique roots shine through in the group, from our fashion to our mentality to the way we speak.”

“We treat our voices like instruments, figuring out who sounds best doing what, to make everyone feel comfortable and happy, and that’s reflected in our music!” A.K. raves.

A.K. might almost have you fooled with her big baby doll eyes, blonde hair & unpredictable demeanor, but when she spits, you instantly connect to her struggle, strife, and rebirth through the passion in her story. Charlie wears her unconventional, laidback, globetrotting upbringing on her sleeve, showing off her history, heartache, and life lessons in ink by L.A. tattoo legends. Spending weekends groovin’ to old school jams with her musical family, Porsha has always naturally been the around-the-way homegirl that ruled the neighborhood. As a group – with an eye toward female empowerment and intellectual independence, upending traditional hip-hop archetypes and burning down stages with their jaw- dropping performances, B3T ON YOURS3LF is going all-in on…themselves!

“All three of us are stars! Different, but coming together to make something better, something special.” says A.K. “We’re true to ourselves but still so different. We’re perfect, like matching puzzle pieces.”

“We don’t limit ourselves,” Charlie chimes in. “We do it to the max, extra extra.”

“That’s why it works! We celebrate the hell out of each other,” Porsha finishes. “We STAN for each other and go nuts!”

We can expect to hear New Music from the B.O.Y group this upcoming month of June, available on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube & so forth.

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