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Exclusive interview with philanthropist and investor Joseph Lizyness




Joseph Lizyness is the co-founder of Eagle Atlas Inc and has recently launched the campaign for Giraffeup in order to help entrepreneurs succeed. The successful angel investor and entrepreneur has given us the opportunity to ask him some questions.

What have you invested in recently?

“Since apps and online businesses are taking over, I have invested in some very cool upcoming projects that will hit off. I have invested in StartEngine and have contributed to a crowdfunding site for it, as well as the companies upshift cars, snowball money, Blue Social App, Ternio Token and Knightscope.I am positive about these companies and love the innovative ideas that they have to offer.”

How can Giraffeup help entrepreneurs?

Giraffeup is a campaign to help you get on your feet as an entrepreneur. We can teach you everything that you need to know in order to create a clear, strategic plan for your ideal business goals and then announce your action plan to everyone. We plan to open as many physical locations as we can in many major cities, along with the support that we can get and give. If you wish to support us, you can check out our website and crowdfunding site. We also offer a free blueprint if you sign up with us.”

Do you have any other projects coming up?

“Yes, I am also an author and I have some short books in the works. One of them is about being an angel investor with just $100. Anything is possible, such as being able to make money during the recession by investing in the stock market, now that it has decreased. I am also a musician and enjoy playing the guitar, as well as covering songs from Nirvana. My music will be featured on Spotify and Google Play.”

Do you have any advice to give to any new entrepreneurs?

“Yes, you can be anything that you want to be. Don’t fall into the net that society has set out for you; burn that net and fight for your dreams. You will experience failure after a couple of tries, but don’t give up because success comes from learning from mistakes and improvements. Give yourself all the time you need in order to dedicate yourself to your business. Do not rush things, but plan everything strategically.”

Which business investors do you see as role models?

“I do look up to successful business investors who now have some of the most successful companies in the world. I look up for Peter Thiel, who is the co-founder of PayPal. Reid Hoffman is another business investor that I look up to, since he is the co-founder and executive chairman of LinkedIn. I also look up to the philanthropist and business investor Michael Moritz. I am also glad that I have been able to work alongside one of my role models, who is Howard Marks the ceo of StartEngine.”

Do you have any advice that you want to give to start up angel investors?

“Never give up. It will take time to find something that will bring you some success, but if you diversify your portfolio and focus on the people that you invest on, it will help you set out your goals as an angel investor. There is failure on both sides as an angel investor and an entrepreneur, but do not let that discourage you. You can read more about being an angel investor starting with $100 in my upcoming book.”

What tip would you give to someone starting up a business?

“My best advice would be that if you wish to look professional, always have a business card at the ready. It is the perfect complement that you can give to your upcoming business, because it makes you look legitimate, it sets you apart and it’s helpful for building connections in the industry. In Japan, when you hand a business card it is seen as a complement, because it is an initiation that you are extending yourself as a professional to the person you have connected with.”

It is rumoured you are also looking into fashion with Marcoahz?

“Well I think the success story of Marco Antonio Henriquez Moreno and his fashion brand Marcoahz is phenomenal. If I can have an opportunity to invest in the brand and help it recover quickly from any COVID-19 related setbacks it will be great. It is hard to find smart talent like Marco in an old trade such as fashion, so yes, he has my attention as a potential investor. What he’s done in the UK and Dubai is something we can do in many parts of the world – I believe in Marcoahz as a brand. Let’s see what happens”

Have you always been into investing businesses?

“I was actually in the military for four years, between the summer of July 2005 until July 2009. Being in the military has helped with my strategic mindset and has set me apart from the standard planning as a leader. I also have previous experience as a physical security specialist, a program analyst, a technical integrator, a deployment operations admins specialist, as well as a program control and facility security officer. It just goes to show that you can come from any background and have experience in any field in order to be an angel investor and an entrepreneur. You should never give up or be discouraged, because you can always achieve.”

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