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iPayTotal is Helping many Businesses Open a High Risk Merchant Account




Businesses are hard to conduct, because most of the times, they involve high risk. A business can be considered high risk when they operate in an industry identified as high risk by the credit card processor. In other cases, a business is called a high risk when there is a significant risk of financial obstacles inherent to the business model.

iPayTotal is providing an international payment gateway for high-risk businesses. It helps them get a high risk merchant account that can help the companies carry out transactions without any problems. Not only can iPayTotal provide businesses with a high risk merchant account, but it can also offer customized credit card processing solutions.

The great thing about iPayTotal is it offers its service at affordable prices. May it be an international payment gateway, an international merchant account, or a high-risk payment solution for your start-up, iPayTotal can do it all. Moreover, it can also do a subscription account for your gaming business, a pharmacy merchant account, a travel merchant account, or set up an offshore merchant.

The variety of services that this company provides includes IBAN accounts without any intermediaries, crypto processing, offshore company incorporation, offshore bank accounts, and prepaid cards.

Every high-risk business is vulnerable to fraudulent activities. That’s why iPayTotal has built-in fraud prevention filters and monitoring tools based on client behavior. It ensures that any suspicious activity is blocked. That improves security, maximizes revenue, and avoids losses.

The online payment gateway is not only safe for high-risk businesses, but it is safe for buyers/customers as well. It has an independent platform for providing safe and secure payment processing for customers to pay to merchants.

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