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Inspiration Of An Artist: Zeelix’s Story




Originally born in Brampton and currently living in Welland, ON Canada, Zeelix is an up-and-coming rapper and R&B artist with no shortage of inspiration. His family is originally from Jamaica, and most still reside there. He got into music at a young age, encouraged by his musical parents to use his voice, play drums, and perform at church. Zeelix began creating his own music in 2012 and turned it into a serious pursuit the past two years.

Zeelix began his career predominantly rapping and has since moved into a blended style of R&B and rap. When speaking about the artists who motivate him, Zeelix stated, “I would say I am inspired by Drake because his music reflects all aspects of life. Obviously, he is a huge world-known artist, but he is from Toronto, Canada, which is basically right where I am from. I find a lot of hope knowing someone made it out of the city and blew up as much as he did, and still continuously drops hits after being in the industry for so long.” He also related that he would love to work with the artist Toosii praising “His music speaks volumes, and I feel like we would create an amazing track because we have a similar vibe.”

Aside from his parents and other artists, Zeelix’s life experiences have proven to be a factor for who he is and where he is today. He says, “I can truly say hard times made me who I am today.” Zeelix explained that everything he has gone through has made him a stronger, smarter person and that through music, “I have healed and continue to heal.” These struggles, such as an unstable childhood of constant relocation and the recent loss of his father to cancer, have helped Zeelix reach an audience that connects with his music and relates to the stories and lyrics he writes. The results speak for themselves as he has amassed thousands of streams across platforms.

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