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Inside The Shop of The Epoxy Queen, Jess Crow




The Global Arts and Crafts market size is currently estimated at $43 million. However, it is projected to reach $54 million by 2026 according to a recent report. Many people, especially millennials, are now discovering the joy of creating through traditional craftsmanship, art, and online workshops, and Jess Crow is helping the “busy class” achieve this goal. 

Jess Crow is the founder and owner of Crow Creek Designs, a woman-owned and run woodworking shop located in Alaska. She has established herself as the leading authority in artistic woodworking and epoxy. This Epoxy queen worked with TotalBoat epoxies to create a white label high-end epoxy for use in art and furniture design. MakerPoxy is now available nationwide through Amazon and James Town Distributors. 

Jess’s Unique Art

Jess’s designs have caught the eyes of notable sites and people such as Gary Vaynerchuk in New York, LinkedIn, as well as Insider, DIY, and many more. Her creations blend woodworking and epoxy. She passionately builds artistic furniture with her hands, head, and heart. 

It all began when Jess met with TotalBoat and became their ambassador in 2019. During these interactions, MakerPoxy was born, an epoxy designed with not only artists in mind but also builders. And guess what? Today it is the leading epoxy for beginners, advanced builders, and artists. 

Jess creates her art and woodwork with color, epoxy, and added elements like hand-painted fish and progressive use of epoxy with texture. Her style of art has made her receive commendable recognition. 

The Power Behind Jess’s Successful Shop

Nothing good comes easy. That is why finding your passion takes a lot of hard work. Jess’s brand has been a cathartic process for her. However, her character of not getting surprised is what has helped her function better and overcome the many “no’s” in her brand-building journey. This approach has propelled her shop to success. And by doing these actions consistently, Jess has built a name for her brand and herself and she is an inspiration to many. 

Something else that has also contributed to her success is her being authentic, approachable, and willing to accept advice. 

Why Jess’s Shop Should Be Your #1 Stop 

Do you want high quality and durable “Furniture”? Connect with Jess today. You will enjoy stunning artwork designed on sustainable material. Jess’s products are 100% family-friendly with proper PPE and can be used in different places without the difficulty of transportation. Jess’s products have modern designs only made from high-quality wood. 

You will also enjoy a variety of supplies at affordable prices. Jess and her team have the best customer service and their customers are their number one priority.  

People also seek out Jess because of her flawless business plans and for her lessons on how to overcome anything and be strong. If you ever need beautiful furniture to compliment your home, choose Crow Creek Designs today, you won’t be disappointed. 

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