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Innate skills and passion have led Tomas Chlup to emerge as one of the most sought-after online fitness trainers and chefs in recent times




Over the years, Tomas Chlup has doubled his knowledge in the fitness industry by training hard and reading a lot about health, fitness, running, nutrition and the like.

There are a set of people who run towards attaining a certain goal and then there are a set of people who work for a bigger goal in life that involves the betterment of others as well. Many fitness gurus and experts are known as life changers and transformers for people in many aspects, but some rare gems in the industry like Tomas Chlup from the Czech Republic go ahead and impact people positively with their knowledge and insights on fitness and nutrition. Tomas Chlup serves as the best example of an online fitness coach and trainer who believes in spreading the magic of fitness to others through his experiences and knowledge and help them turn their lives into healthier and happier versions.

Tomas Chlup’s heart got hooked onto running early in his career and the experiences he gained from the same, he also documented them through his blog,, which went on to create a lot of buzz as the youngster kept serving people with the right dose of insights and recipes on fitness and health. However, destiny helped him towards creating a career in CrossFit as well. His girlfriend with other partners even opened a one of a kind CrossFit gym, which unfortunately had to get closed due to the outbreak of COVID. This made him introspect about many things in life and Tomas Chlup decided to leverage the online mediums to help modify people’s lives through high-intensity training in the form of CrossFit making use of the digital mediums.

“What is the point of being on this Earth if you are going to be like everyone else?” This is what Tomas Chlup believes in and questions himself every time he needs to come up with something different with his training content and recipes as a chef. His food recipes are also a hit amongst people across social media platforms that have made them fall in love with healthy eating.

Right now, he is also working on a mobile app with his friends called “Konektr” which is a unique app helping influencers to gain more momentum on social media platforms by monetizing their audiences through seeing exclusive content and chatting with fans on video calls. His other project is getting worked upon and more of his recipes and training are what he would be offering people.

Ask him about his biggest dream in life and the fitness freak says that he wishes to enjoy life with his girlfriend, inspire more people towards fitness and live healthily all his life.

To get more information about him and his training and recipes, follow him on Instagram @tomski.chl for updates.

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