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AGERAS: The Tinder of Accounting For Small Business Owners In A COVID-19 World




When Tinder launched in September in 2012, it became an instant disrupter in the world of online dating. Suddenly, complex algorithms and convoluted matching strategies were simplified into a “swipe-left/swipe-right” system, relying on each user’s individuality to attract a larger number of matches per user. Tinder’s model was a near-instant success, resulting in the dating platform’s user growth by an average of 1 million users per year.

Since Tinder’s launch, numerous other businesses have attempted to copy the platform’s model, adapting it for customers across dozens of different industries. While many have tried and failed, particularly in more technical industries, others – such as Ageras – have thrived.

Also founded in 2012, Ageras utilizes a Tinder-like approach to match customers with professionals in order to best fit their business’s account needs. Ageras is a matchmaking service that creates a transparent market for accounting, bookkeeping, and tax services for the benefit of both clients and the industry. They have turned the process of matching the right business with the right accountant into a science. The best part? Ageras is completely free for small businesses to use.


Ageras’s goal is to quickly and easily connect customers with trusted and qualified accountants who possess both professional experience and personal interests in helping businesses succeed. Customers simply submit the details of their accounting needs in an online submission form and Ageras will scope their nationwide network of accounting professionals to pair you to three of the top matches. Each match provides you with a quote, allowing business owners to easily compare their top three matches by reviews, ratings, and biographies to hand-pick their preferred accounting professional.


Ageras was founded by two Dutch entrepreneurs, meaning both CEO Rico Anderson and US Director Mikkel Jensen know what it takes for small businesses – and their owners – to succeed.

“Unlike [our] competitors, we have a team of consultants who personally match each case…[and] we continuously curate our network of accountants and bookkeepers,” says Jensen.

Every business faces challenges. Small businesses are no exception, and the costs of accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation can easily pile up. Ageras takes the hassle out of tax season, allowing business owners with rapid access to seasoned accountants and bookkeepers, often within 24 hours of initially requesting a quote. Despite jokes at the “matchmaking” tune of Ageras’s business model, the company is nothing to laugh at. Ageras has seen 500% growth year after year since its founding in 2012, which co-founder Jensen attributes largely to a focus on customer satisfaction.

“Without your customer, you cannot have your business,” says Jensen, “their success is your success, and their needs become your needs.”


After COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic this past March, businesses the world over saw a stark drop in sales, clients, and revenue. Many small businesses and their owners found themselves struggling – many, virtually overnight. Taxes in the United States were also pushed back from their standard deadline of April 15th to July. Financial aid in the form of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans and the CARES Act sought to lessen the financial blow dealt to many small businesses in the United States.

Despite these efforts, nearly 52% of small business owners in the United States said that COVID-19 either directly or indirectly impacted their company’s 2020 financial status. This year more than ever, small business owners have relied on the assistance of seasoned industry professionals to ensure stability for their companies.

This is where Ageras comes in. By easily and quickly matching small business owners to hand-picked professionals, navigating the maelstrom of a market impacted by COVID-19 becomes as simple as the swipe of a finger on your phone’s screen. Ageras has turned the art of financial matchmaking into a science: one it provides to small business owners for free.


You can follow Ageras on LinkedIn, Facebook (@agerascom), Instagram (@agerascom), and Twitter (@ageras_com). We love providing resources for both business owners and accountants on social media – free webinars, e-books, accounting updates, and more.

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