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Innate skills and passion have led Talha Nasir to create milestones in the entrepreneurial world




Talha Nasir serves as a CEO, investor and philanthropist across UAE, who at 31 years of age has become an influential business personality.

It is very surreal to know about individuals who despise running behind overnight success stories and desire to create their success story from the ground up. These individuals are ready to take on the challenges and create a unique name for themselves across their areas of interest. Many people aim to gather all the recognition and name in the entrepreneurial world, while some other rare gems of the industry believe in working for the betterment of others and the community while making their career as a business mogul. Talha Nasir is all about this and much more, who believes in the greater good of people and thus manages the position of not only the CEO of his businesses but also the Chairman of a charitable organization.

Being only 31 years of age, Talha Nasir has gradually moved his way to the top as a business mogul as a self-made young entrepreneur and literally wrote his success story, rising above the many struggles and difficulties in his path. Across Dubai, he is known as a highly talented and smart entrepreneur who owns three successful businesses and a charitable organization. Talha Nasir is the young mind and man behind the exponential rise of the lounge and cafe industry, owning his brand called Pipes Shisha Lounge and Café, offering the best quality food, coffee, milkshakes and so much more.

This is a venture of his which has lately gained much more momentum and hence, he is planning to open five more branches this year as the entrepreneur aims to take his cafe worldwide. One of the most successful businesses’ of his is his car-rental agency in the UAE named Drive plus Rent-a-Car, which has gained massive recognition, for the company’s focus on providing serviced and safety-checked cars at unbelievable rates. They have a huge fleet of car options catering to both the residents and tourists across the country.

D1 Energy is another business of this young business personality which is an energy drink manufacturing company. From the last six years, Talha Nasir has been a resident of Dubai and ever since has pounced on every opportunity that has come his way to become a successful investor as well. He has already done many investments in other businesses in the country; this shows the powerful mental attitude and the strong self-belief of the young entrepreneur to excel further in his endeavours.

Light4Life charity is where he serves as the Chairman; it is a charitable organization that is the closest to his heart, where he aims to reach maximum people and work for their betterment through relief work and development programmes across the globe. The youngster has proved that the right mental attitude and a positive mindset can help individuals write their success story as they desire.

To gain more inspiration from this ace business mogul, do not forget to follow him on Instagram @kingtnas.

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