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Dillon Kivo Establishing His Brand as the King of PR




Building authority and reliability among the general public is far from an easy task. But to Dillon Kivo and his company, Authority Titans, building brands through public relations is all in a day’s grind. Consequently, the entrepreneur and writer have today become a force in the business world, earning him the nickname “The King of PR.”

Dillon is an American entrepreneur, business expert, author, and keynote speaker. He is the founder and CEO of MentionWorth and the Editor-In-Chief of the leading online publication Kivo Daily Magazine. Through his PR agency, he helps some of the top brands, personalities, and organizations create a strong brand presence online and a positive reputation by sharing their unique stories of impact, passion, drive, and success. The PR expert has mastered the art of developing company rapport through public relations, advertising, social media, and other forms of digital marketing. 

The consultant started his PR firm many years ago by providing his services to a small circle of friends. His influence would grow through time as he provided many personalities and businesses with more substantial online leverage and better results. Today, what started as a humble startup has turned into a global brand that provides its services to people and companies worldwide. 

There were challenges early on for Dillon Kivo, but he chose to keep pushing forward. “Before I built my personal brand, I found it hard to get taken seriously,” shares Dillon. “Nobody had heard of me, and I didn’t have the track record or repertoire to fall back on. So I strived hard to build up my social media, get published, and I networked with all the right people.” With time, dedication, and hard work, the PR agency would start gaining momentum as Dillon would start networking with more influential people. 

Dillon Kivo is an expert at elevating a client’s authority by using proven techniques that increase one’s digital footprint. Through his premiere PR agency, Dillon has helped multiple people get recognized for their achievement and achieve better results for them, whether the goal was reach, awareness, or even sales. But more in-depth than the business success, Dillon finds joy in knowing his work impacts lives. “I’m most proud of the fact that we’re helping people achieve their dreams and change lives every day,” admits the entrepreneur. “We work closely with clients, and we’re happy to be able to say that we’re part of their success.”

MentionWorth has worked with many up-and-coming entrepreneurs, successful business moguls, top artists like Ice Cube, athletes like Ryan Sheckler, and the NBA and NFL players to elevate their authority and establish their digital footprint, and position them for success.

Dillon’s work has appeared in top publications, like Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, and many others. He consults for various Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, nonprofits, and executives. A prolific author, Dillon Kivo co-authored “The Growth Hacking Book,” a marketing resource that has become one of Amazon’s bestsellers. 

Today, the name Dillon Kivo has become closely synonymous with public relations. He is one of the best in developing brands’ reputation, awareness, and authority. Truly, Dillon gives justice to his nickname, “The King of PR,” as he continues to give voice to people and figures who need it.  

To learn more about Dillon Kivo, visit his LinkedIn account and website

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