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Influencers need Creative Freedom to Gain Customers for a Brand, Says Joel Contartese, the Marketing Expert & Influencer




When looking at making an effective influencer marketing campaign for a brand or business, then always look for influencers that align with the brand on a genuine level, somebody who can work in context with the already established narrative of a brand. In this way, the whole deal will be smooth and benefit the brand.

According to Joel Contartese, the Marketing guru, and a popular name in the world of influencers, influencing is not only about numbers an influencer can garner but more about will the influencer be emotionally attached to it? whether they will use it and talk passionately about it? and do you see them working with you for a longer duration?. Thus the brand has to resonate with the person to have a long time and fruitful association.

Joel shared that the Influencer should have presence across multiple platforms as then the brand can also have a cross-platform presence. This will also depict the fan base which will ultimately be your customer base.

Choose influencer according to this as some are particular app influencers while others have a presence and massive reach across platforms. Both types are good depending upon how many and what kind of audience one wants to reach. People can opt for 1 influencer that reaches people on all platforms or 5 influencers for each different app.

Brands need to discuss their goals with the influencers as they are the channel through which the brands will reach their customers. This will help both the brand and the influencer understand each other’s strength. When trust is developed, the influencer should be given the creative freedom to explore how to market a product so that they can invest their time and creativity to bring forth new perspectives and new ideas and not limit themselves.

After the first round of the campaign is launched, one can sit together and discuss the results. This way the brand and influencer, both will understand what resonates best with the audience and how the developed content will affect the performance of the entire campaign.

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