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Ibrahim Ibrahim has been Helping Businesses and Entrepreneurs take the Advantage of Influencer Marketing through his Online Media Agency




Ibrahim Ibrahim, a 19-year-old Jordanian entrepreneur has been helping entrepreneurs, businesses, and musicians through his online media agency, iBoostReach. He has been into the news for his entrepreneurial spirit and works as a social media strategist. Through his online media agency, he has been helping his clients in brand strategizing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing.

Due to his high curiosity for social media, he started learning everything about it through free online tech forums and self-learning resources. And he started taking orders from clients from all over the world for promoting their services online. Although he doesn’t post anything about his personal life, still he enjoys huge popularity on social media. He has got a vast network of over 120 million followers on different social media platforms.

At his young age, he has built a strong relationship with many celebrities such as Tai Lopez, Lil Pump, Eric Damier, and Diljit Dosanjh with the help of his media agency, iBoostReach. Founded in 2014, iBoostReach, the influencer marketing agency has been run by expert social media entrepreneurs using the leadership of the Jordanian entrepreneur, Ibrahim Ibrahim.

Ibrahim Ibrahim never wanted to set an easy target and wanted to take advantage of the advancements currently taking place in the digital world. He asks every teenager to inculcate the entrepreneurial spirit in him and avoid focusing on the 9 to 5 job regime. His social media agency, iBoostReach offers targeted services to businesses, musicians in order to promote their brand among the target audience with ease.

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