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Humble Way of Life with a Big Impact for Ernesto Gaita




Ernesto Gaita is a man who was not born into the riches; however, he still takes each day as a blessing and as an opportunity to share his music. This young artist from Toronto, Ontario uses his platform to leave a positive impact on his fans.

Gaita came from very humble beginnings. “I didn’t have a very stable childhood growing up. My parents were good but poor people,” Gaita said. He explained that was why he spent most of his time trying to stay out of trouble. “On my block, old dudes would sit on the sidewalk in lawn chairs on nice days, and they’d always have an old radio playing cassettes. Since I had no one, these old dudes’ sort of became my family. I just did what they did.” Gaita said these men taught him life lessons, and they helped set him straight when he started going down the wrong path. Those same guys were also the ones who introduced playing music to Gaita. When he was just eight years old, one of the men handed him a ukulele and taught him how to play alongside him.

“From there I just became obsessed with rhythm and layering harmonies,” Gaita said. That is exactly what you will hear on his new project that incorporates a lo-fi twist. His upcoming project is a lo-fi mix set to be released this coming spring. The mix is called Mindfulness On Repeat. Gaita said he wanted to “create something that will help anyone be elevated yet calmed to a place to find clarity.”

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