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Hudson River Valley is the Place to be on Holidays




New Yorkers have tried to escape the city life and visit or settle in the scenic Hudson River Valley since long. It is a beautiful region stretched 150- mile from the northern tip of Manhattan to Albany. It has everything from forests, farmlands and river which are in abundance, fertile and pristine respectively. Plus the valley has a natural splendor and is brimming with rich cultural heritage. The valley has year round activities and has a thriving food and wine scene thus making it an ideal destination for city dwellers to visit.

Not only the indoors but there are options for outdoor adventure too. This area is a dream for hikers. There is 85 miles of private trails and guided nature walks available. Then there are other adventure sport options, as mentioned by sportandoutdoorhq like kayaking, canoeing, rock scrambling, archery and Tomahawk throwing. Swimming in an indoor pool and private beach, during summers and ice skating and cross country skating during winters are other highlights. Additional fee gets the guests scenic carriage rides, horseback riding and spa services.

Mohonk Mountain House which was founded in 1869 is a favorite to visit among New York’s elite including the U.S. president of the present and the past. The historical hangout recently celebrated its 150th anniversary. The valley is located near the banks of Lake Mohonk in New Paltz. There are accommodations available near the lake and also elegant rooms with mountainside views. There are all-inclusive resort like National Historic Landmark that mix Victorian frills with modern amenities. There are elegant rooms with lake and suites with private balconies, rustic cottages with full kitchens and the stunning Grove Lodge, a house for families or groups seeking a more private experience.

Executive Chef Jim Palmeri recommends the visitors a farm-to-table approach in Surrey. He says guests can enjoy cookouts at The Granary, a casual outdoor venue overlooking Lake Mohonk. And they can keep the nights for live music, dance parties, magic performances and more.

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