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How To Choose Slippers For A Man




One of the best gifts that you can give a man during the holiday season are slippers. Every guy needs one, especially if they are someone very special to you, and when the ones that they have are worn out.

Slippers are a fantastic gift not only because people like them, but most men are not going to go to a store and get them for themselves. It’s not always easy to choose any type of shoe for another person’s foot, and this is true even if it is your husband or your father. You need to pick the best slippers, but how can you do this for this special individual in your life?

Be capsize Wise

Although this would seem very easy to do, it’s easier to say than accomplish. You do need to know what size their foot is before you can make the purchase. Additionally, it needs to be as close to the exact size if you want them to be comfortable.

If possible, look at shoes that they currently own to get a general idea of how big the slippers should be. You also should take into account whether or not they prefer wearing socks, or if they prefer going with their feet. This is going to help you in deciding whether to go up or down when you are choosing the right size. One other thing to realize is that not all slipper companies are going to make them the same exact size, despite what they are measured at, and this can be even more difficult when you are obtaining these online. Some companies may suggest a size that would seem to fit, but they may also design them to be much looser than another business.

It is also a good idea to obtain these from a company they currently buy shoes from. This will improve your chances of selecting a size that will truly fit their feet.

The Material Does Matter

Unlike the regular shoes that this person may wear, slippers are designed for comfort. For example, when a woman comes home, they typically take off their shoes and put their feet into slippers immediately. Men, on the other hand, maybe wearing boots, and once they slip into theirs that makes them feel like they are at home.

Choosing high-quality slippers will require you to obtain those that are made with high-quality materials. This will include microfiber, suede, leather, and various types of wool. Leather is the best for a combination of comfort, longevity, and overall durability. It is also extremely flexible and lightweight. As you continue to wear leather slipper, it is going to conform to the foot, and that is why these tend to be very popular because of their durability and overall value. Leather can also prevent foot odor because they are naturally breathable, preventing feet from sweating.

You may also want to consider suede if you are looking for slippers for a man. Very similar to leather, they are more fuzzy, and they are often designed with a much more warm texture.

Other materials to consider include microfiber, faux wool, and standard wool. These are very durable and also scream “Welcome home.”

The Best Slippers For Men That Can Protect The Soles Of Their Feet

Every slipper that you look at should be designed for comfort and those that have memory foam are the best. It is able to mold directly to the foot which will provide individualized support, and those that wear them will feel very comfortable. This is why people choose to sleep on memory foam mattresses because of the protection that they can provide, and the same is true for slippers if a man is looking for slippers with arch support. It will absorb heel shock and will also reduce the overall pressure on their feet as they are walking. They are advantageous for older men because they can also help with proper distribution of their weight that can help them with their balance.

These are a fantastic gift for men that are suffering from plantar fasciitis and they will definitely appreciate the slippers. Once you have found memory foam slippers, if they do have problems with plantar ligaments, they are going to notice a substantial difference.

If the man that you are looking for slippers for is standing most of the day, they will certainly appreciate how comfortable they will be.

Slipper Style

Whether they prefer mule style scuffs, moccasins, loafer style slippers, or those that they can just slip on, these are all important considerations to make. For example, slip-ons or loafer style are extremely popular, especially for those that may go outside with their slippers on. Mules and scuffs are specifically for indoor use.

Giving the gift of slippers can be a very important gift for that special man in your life. You want him to feel comfortable at home. Slippers will provide extra balance and stability, much more so than wearing socks, and plus you can extend the life of your socks by doing so. Slippers can be designed for people with swollen or tired feet, and they tend to be extremely flexible and airy.

There really is nothing that will help a man feel more comfortable at home then a quality pair of slippers, so regardless of your choice, understand that this will be a very welcome gift!

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