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How this Woman Travels the World for Free




You have seen the influencers on Instagram posting “I quit my 9 to 5 job and traveled the world.” Well with the pandemic pushing most young professionals into a work-from-home lifestyle, many millennials have taken this and pushed to another form of work from home…“work and travel.” Also known as being a “digital nomad,” these young people travel or live in other countries for months on end while working from their computers.

Chloe Jade Meltzer (@chlooooejade on Instagram) is a travel blogger, photographer, writer, and  SEO agency owner. Although the SEO agency and writing provided her income, she has now been able to leverage her photography talents and social media presence to travel luxuriously for free. Most people want to know…how?

More than a Trend, a Way of Life

With many countries such as Antigua & Barbuda, Indonesia, Bermuda, and Costa Rica offering visas to digital nomads and travel bloggers, it has become more than a trend to work and travel, but a way of life. “Influencers” post about their travels and although it may sound like a dream for some, online work does not necessarily pay as well as one might think. Many of these digital nomads live in sub-par conditions, and only post a facade of what life truly is, “on the ‘gram.”

You Can Do it Too

For others, like Chloe Jade, there is a new way to travel, work, and stay in luxury accommodations. When asked, Chloe Jade states,  “I travel and produce content for different hotels and resorts in order to stay there for free. In some cases they will purchase the material I create for them, then I get paid. This is how most ‘influencers’ are living the lavish lifestyles that you see online.

Content includes photos, videography, drone footage, and posted content on social media. “It can also include hotel reviews, travel blog posts, or material for their own website.”

Although she is not the only one doing this, she mentioned that most people like to keep it on the down-low. “Creating this content to post on social media is essential creating advertisements, but the locations are beautiful so it doesn’t feel like deception. As compared to posting a product that you don’t even use, creating travel content is fun, and may actually help people find their honeymoon or next travel destination.”

How to Get Started

“Most people think they need a huge social media or blog presence to get started, but you really only need to have something to offer. If you are a photographer, videographer, or writer you have the opportunity to offer your talents in exchange for hotel stays. Start small, create a proposal and see where it gets you.”

Chloe Jade also mentioned that it is important to have an income to go along with your traveling. “You can’t depend on making a lot of money from these collaborations, so it’s essential you have another way to make money while traveling.” She also mentioned that you should not focus on trying to be an influencer. “If you post good content on social media then you will most likely gain a following, but if you want to travel for free all you need to do is create good overall work, and showcase that with your pitch.”

“There is room in this travel space for everyone, go out there and just try, what do you have to lose? You’re not getting any younger.”

You can find Chloe Jade on Instagram as @chlooooejade or on her website at

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