Health Experts have Shared 6 Tips to Stop Tobacco Cravings and Quit Smoking

Smoking cigarettes and consuming tobacco are two bad habits that have ruined the lives of many people. Sadly, the number of people getting addicted to tobacco consumption is increasing steadily.

According to the WHO report, over 8 million people lose their lives each year. And there are over 7 million deaths that result due to direct tobacco consumption.

Around 1.2 million fatalities are due to passive smoking due to exposure of non-smokers to tobacco smoke. Many health experts believe it takes great courage, willpower, and determination to give up on smoking tobacco.

Although it seems difficult to accomplish, one can end one’s tobacco cravings by following certain tips. A person must follow one step at a time to reduce his urge for tobacco.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy 

Chronic smokers should try a smokeless alternative to limit their nicotine consumption in their daily routine. In addition, there are many nicotine replacement therapies available to quit smoking.

One can try nicotine gum, lozenges, nasal sprays, or inhalers to eliminate strong cravings. Using these short-acting nicotine therapies can help reduce tobacco cravings. Besides, one could also try electronic cigarettes to quit smoking.

Avoid Trigger Situations 

Tobacco urges take birth when a person enters the environment of tobacco consumers. Besides, some common patterns in daily routines trigger an urge to smoke or chew tobacco.

Hence, smokers need to avoid patterns that ignite triggers for smoking tobacco. For smokers, it is necessary to do some activity to replace smoking when triggers arise.

Engage in Physical Exercise 

Physical activity is a great distraction for tobacco cravings and it could help smokers quit smoking with ease. One can even engage in less intense physical exercise in a daily routine. For example, running, push-ups, pull-ups, and other physical activities can help to distract thoughts of smoking.

De-Stress Yourself 

Stress is one of the reasons for people to smoke tobacco. Thus, people must find their way to de-stress themselves to give up on smoking or chewing tobacco. One of the best ways to do so is by engaging in relaxation techniques in a daily routine.

Meditation, yoga, deep-breathing exercises, visualization, massage, and listening to calm music are some of the options available in this context.

Delay Tobacco Consumption

Whenever a smoker feels the need to consume tobacco, he must delay it for 10-15 minutes. During this time, he must engage himself in some work to keep his mind distracted from tobacco cravings.

Additionally, a smoker should keep chewing some gummies or mints to keep himself satisfied. It could help him give up on smoking or chewing tobacco in an easy way.

Join Online ‘Quit Smoking’ Programs 

In the digital world, it is effortless to get support online to quit smoking. There are many online ‘quit smoking’ programs available on social media platforms. Here, anyone can find the required strength and support to give up on smoking tobacco.

If none of the above tips work then, it is high time a chronic smoker should seek help through dedicated programs designed to quit smoking. It could help him offer the right support and counseling to give up on smoking tobacco in a daily routine.

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