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How JaYen is Creating a Career in Music Despite Hurdles




A traditional path has never defined New Jersey hip-hop and R&B artist JaYen.  Born in Hackensack, New Jersey but of Egyptian decent, he started making music at the considerably older age of 19 despite a strong passion for the art.  An older brother, also a music artist, played a large role in influencing JaYen to start making his own music.  Additionally, a passion for photography lead to interactions and work with several notable names in the industry including Juice WRLD. 

JaYen spoke to the challenges he has overcome and that which drives him to create in an interview.  He stated that the biggest challenges he has faced are “Going through mental health struggles and learning how to balance all my responsibilities”.  An even larger burden of responsibility rides on independent artists like JaYen as he records his own music and collaborates with 2-3 sound engineers to help mix and produce his tracks.   

Through all of this, JaYen’s greatest achievements are based in how he has been able to “create a new and unique sound, establishing a strong social media presence, and cultivating a team”.  These accomplishments and attributes are keys to the success that is sure to follow JaYen as he anticipates the new release of music in the following months. 

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