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How Entrepreneur Celestine Chibu Amajoyi Brings Together A Talent Management Community




Celestine Chibu Amajoyi shares his thoughts on pursuing the kind of success that truly matters.

Meet Entrepreneur & Super Manager – Celestine Chibu Amajoyi who is a strong pillar in the music industry with an exceptional taste for finding talent. Born in San Bernardino with a college education and a professional football career, he currently manages platinum producers and a couple of emerging artists. Chibu has now solidified his footprint in the music industry. He shares his inner-mind consequences as he was growing in the industry.

He asked himself, “Why?”

Chibu wanted something more than just making a money machine. He shares, ‘If you ask most people why their company exists, most people cannot tell you other than the reason that they want to make money. So the first thing I thought about my ‘why’ was that it should be authentic and genuine. There were two things in my mind: 1. I want to be proud of the legacy I leave behind for others. And 2. I want to add value to a talented artist’s life. I wanted to empower and enable them to make a difference with their work.’

He educated himself.

Chibu noticed that in his field, year after year, there would be a frenzy for a particular talent, who everyone would be clamoring for — it’d be like a shark feeding frenzy among management companies. He knew he didn’t want to play those games. Chibu exclaims, ‘There’s this big wide blue ocean out there and if you start looking with your eyes and ears open, you start to find real and genuine talent.’

He embraced “the suck”

Chibu worked really hard to figure out how to keep getting bigger in a cut-throat competition. At the end of the work, he had both good and bad days. He learnt to accept the days that suck, lived it and moved on.

He encourages criticism.

Chibu reviews with his artists every year where he asks them how he has helped them in their journey. He truly looks for feedback about what’s working and not working. Chibu says, ‘If people say ‘everything is great’ – I don’t accept that — I truly want to know what I can do better. And if they do have a problem with the work, I am always open to address it. It’s one mistake I’ve seen over and over in business: people are reluctant to share feedback and point out mistakes within their circle. My philosophy for myself and for the company is to be constantly improving, constantly learning and constantly on the lookout to be more effective at our jobs.’

Chibu is an aspiring film producer in collaboration with film director & business partner James Hunter and considers it an important part of his mantra, “I want what any determined movie producer wants – To achieve box office greatness, to create theatrical titans. My partner James Hunter and I are both on the same track. With all of our experience combined, we’re destined for that.” To stay informed with his latest updates check out his Instagram.

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