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How EDM Maniac Became a Leading Voice in Electronic Dance Music




Passion – it’s no secret. Like many other successful people and business ventures, EDM Maniac has risen as a force in the music media industry because of the passion behind the project.

Ten years ago, Devin Lezama, CEO and founder at EDM Maniac, left his IT job to pursue a dream. Now, several years later, the dream is going strong, and Lezama still has the passion needed to keep EDM Maniac the leading voice in electronic dance music.

EDM, or electronic dance music, is a blanket term for any type of music with this specific quality – a four-beat measure kick or bass drum, and then a downbeat created using the high hat and clap sounds. And this particular type of music also has its own community.

Lezama first experienced this community while living in New York. When a friend invited him to a Kaskade show, he was nervous at first. However, Lezama admits this experience changed his life. “The music and the energy really resonated with me. I ended up attending a few festivals in New York and really became immersed in the culture. It was such a beautiful experience that I knew that’s what I really wanted to surround myself with,” he says.

And Lezama has certainly surrounded himself in the culture. He moved to L.A. and instantly clicked with the lively social scene. He started attending more shows, meeting new people, and becoming more inspired to produce his own events. “I started meeting more and more people, and after going out to clubs, I really wanted to experience a different kind of vibe,” he adds. His solution was to start throwing warehouse parties with his friends in Downtown LA.

Making the leap to music media seemed to be a natural progression for Lezama, who found his music genre needed a stronger, more authentic voice. He also knew the people and culture behind EDM had stories to tell. Therefore, to create an understanding of the genre and culture, he felt he must build an EDM media platform – and thus, EDM Music Media was born.

Striving to bring diversity to his genre, Lezama produces online content for dance music fans that inspires and connects everyone in the dance music community.  In EDM Maniac, he concentrates on writing articles and producing other media that genuinely focuses on the people, culture, and music to build his readership.

Along the way, Lezama discovered social media, specifically Instagram, was a phenomenal vessel to promote shows. “I started the publication [EDM Maniac] when I saw that we were growing quickly and had something special on our hands,” says Lezama. He adds that the creation of EDM Maniac sprung from a combination of the live events he was hosting plus the social media exposure that allowed the publication to take off and grow.

Lezama will admit his ‘all in’ attitude for his passion brought EDM Manic to the forefront. “I spent nearly ten years working in tech doing IT. I love technology and how it’s used to improve people’s daily lives. However, music is really what I love, and I wanted to share my passion for it with the world,” he says. After spending several years working in a job, Lezama finally discovered his career producing EDM music events. And now, he is building EDM Maniac to further pursue his passion while promoting the EDM culture and music. “I think many people have passions but don’t know how to go after them full time. Truth be told, it’s hard. You literally have to take the plunge and commit to every moment working harder than you’ve ever worked before,” admits Lezama. 

This type of laser focus has undoubtedly paid off for Lezama, who says the work never stops when you live your dream. “I wake up every day knowing we can be even better than we were before yesterday,” he explains. With an attitude like this, it looks to be all upwards from here for EDM Maniac.

VIsit EDM Maniac here.

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