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How Callum Roche Is Taking Advantage Of The Market Crash To Expand His Agency




Callum Roche is a successful Entrepreneur, owning two companies by age 23, which are all on track to become 7 figure businesses. He made his first dollar online over a decade ago, selling background designs to famous YouTube stars when he was 12. Fast forward a decade, he now runs a company called Ecom And Chill. This is Callum’s ecommerce agency, where they build and scale ecommerce brands for influencers from scratch. ‘We technically turn influencers into CEO’s, so they don’t have to rely on brand deals. We manage everything from product design to fulfilment, ultimately getting the product to the customer without the influencer lifting a finger’, explains Callum.

He is aware of the current state of influencer marketing and social media and is leveraging it to his advantage to expand his brand. ‘Instagram is becoming a pay to play space, meaning organic reach is dying down which eventually is going to wash out a lot of influencers. Building something of your own, an ecommerce brand is nearly mandatory at this stage if you want to be in this industry for the long haul. That’s where we solve the problem.

A lot of up and coming entrepreneurs are mainly focused on the money, but Callum has created a business that not only is strong financially but fulfils his passion to help others.

He dropped out of university towards the end of year two to launch his first ecommerce business selling products on Amazon and had earned $35k from the internet by the end of the year.

Callum Roche has an attraction towards personal branding and influence. He is of the philosophy that brand positioning is the best investment a brand can make and uses his own personal brand as an example. When he is not building his own personal brand, the motivation to help others and build ecommerce brands keeps Callum pushing each day.

Between the global pandemic and the markets crashing as a subsequent result, Callum has stayed optimistic and lives by the motto, ‘when everyone else sees panic, you should see opportunity’. The problem is that not many like to invest in things for the long term or look at the bigger picture. ‘I feel it’s my duty to show that there is a way to prosper during bad times’, Callum explained.

Heading into 2021, Callum Roche is working with high net worth clients to scale both, Ecom And Chill and his own personal branding services. He wants to be known as someone who helps people not by talking, but by actually helping them.

‘Do it for something greater than money. Find something you love, figure out where there’s a problem in the industry and fix that, the money will follow once you are persistent’, concludes Callum.

Learn more about Callum by visiting his official website or by following him on Instagram.

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