Rob Ratin On eCommerce, Digital Marketing, And How He Became The Mentor That He Never Had

At a time when many young people feel hopeless and are struggling financially, many others are looking to the future, with an eye to not only having success in their own lives, but to inspire others to do the same.

Rob Ratin is one of those people.

Out of the economic rubble of the pandemic has emerged a new generation of visionaries who have managed to carve out a niche for themselves, particularly in the eCommerce and digital marketing space. They are using their talents, skill sets, and sheer intuition (with a little added business savvy) to build profitable online brands.

While millions are losing their jobs and livelihood, Rob and others are thinking outside the proverbial box. And they are using the internet to help their vision become a reality.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Rob knew early on that he had a head for business. As time went on, he gained a keen knack for digital marketing; in essence, he caught the e-commerce bug and has not looked back.

Along with his business partner Yasha, Rob was able to launch several different e-commerce ventures based around drop shipping products. They were able to build their businesses well above expectations very quickly. Pluto Ad Agency Inc. was founded by them as an umbrella for their various ventures, and ended up giving them new opportunities for clientele worldwide.

Similar to their other business ventures, this one has grown steadily, paving the way for more and more opportunities to arise.
Rob will be the first to admit this was not blind luck. He has worked hard at building a marketing agency that employs web developers, marketers, and a creative team; he is also the first to acknowledge that his innate marketing savvy contributed to his success. He insists that by vertically integrating his business, it allows him to have complete control over his ventures.

Although the e-commerce drop shipping concept has been around for quite some time, it is especially lucrative during a global pandemic, when nearly everyone is staying at home. Rob and his team know this inherently.

We asked Rob what incentivized him to also help others get into this business model. He responded with a story that reveals his profound nature of wanting to give back and striving to deliver value to those who are willing to work hard.

Rob states, “It started with a close friend of mine, Mitchell, actually. When you first see success in a business, word begins to spread, and it starts with the people around who are there with you, regardless if they have the same vision or not. For me, my good friend Mitchell asked me to help him get into the business. I laughed, remembering how he used to tell me to just get a job like everyone else our age. Regardless, I helped him out, as a friend. We sold this gimmicky sort of hat, and I taught Mitchell how to run Facebook ads and market online. I remember Mitchell doing close to $2000 in sales a few days after starting. For me, seeing Mitchell be able to do this with my teaching was something I was proud of. I never had someone there for me to show me what I know, and it took me months of failure and almost losing all of the little money I had at the time to see success. If I could help people avoid the same situation I had, then why not? And so the consulting end of my business started, growing simultaneously with my online drop shipping brands.”

Rob Ratin has grown the consulting end of his business to great heights since working with Mitchell, helping others around the globe get started with the same Shopify-based business model and strategies he uses with his agency.

To stay updated with Rob and his latest content, programs, and promotions, make sure to follow him on Instagram @Rob_Ratin and @Pluto_Ad_Agency.

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