Show Host Omri Hurwitz Launches Media Consulting Firm

After working for a B2B marketing agency, Show Host Omri Hurwitz decided to launch his own Media Consulting Firm specializing in helping B2B companies gain new customers. One of the firm’s goal is to help companies create market demand for their products, as well as building a media company that supports their brand. Omri is familiar with that aspect, having his podcast show where he interviews leading personas from a variety of industries. Here are some of the things Omri had to say regarding his new venture. 

What services is your firm going to provide? 

Omri: Our focus is to help clients build a media company around their product and business. In today’s media landscape building a brand is as important as optimizing your CTR’s and CPL’s. And you do that through content marketing, trust authority, and thought leadership. That’s where we come in, both in strategy and in tactics. 

You are well experienced with the LinkedIn platform, handling LinkedIn Ads advertisement for clients as well as having more than 12,000 followers on the platform. Is LinkedIn going to play a major part in your approach? 

Omri: Yes. The amount of paid investment in the advertisement spent will depend on the specific client. But organically LinkedIn is an effective B2B platform when used correctly. As far as LinkedIn Ads go it depends on the client’s sales cycle and product sale value.

What are the important factors to consider when doing B2B marketing? 

Omri: You need to come in with the right mindset. The sales cycle is longer, SDR teams are more involved, and you need to make sure you are targeting the real decision-makers. Strong B2B marketing also involves building a brand. Doing it correctly can help in creating demand for your product. Also, ideal clients think about you when they need a solution you provide.  

To learn more about Omri Hurwitz you can find his podcast show on YoutubeLinkedIn, and Facebook. Also on audio in a variety of channels that include Spotify and Google podcast.

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